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  1. So I asked the seller for better quality photos and closeups and what I received is ever more blurry so no luck here. Luckily they also attached a report from a luthier where he states that the top is made of pine, and the back is made of beech or fruit tree, possibly pear tree.
  2. Good idea. I'll update the first post if I get some better pictures.
  3. The photo is from a craigslist-type listing, unfortunately I don't have access to better quality photos. I added a side view in case it helps.
  4. Does plain maple vs flamed maple influence the sound or is it purely the matter of esthetics?
  5. I have encountered photos of a violin supposedly made in Poland in 1917, it has a rather unusual back. What wood is it? Excuse the quality of the picture, the website where it was originally posted compresses photos.
  6. I got to take some new photos. Does it help?
  7. Sorry about the photos. I didn’t take them with identification in mind and right now I don’t have the violin on hand. What indicates that it’s Mirecourt?
  8. In the spirit of learning I'd like to ask you to share your opinion on what this violin could be. There is no label. If you could also point any particularly good or bad craftsmanship it would be great.
  9. hannaz

    Advice violin

    Does any of these methods indicate better craftsmanship (or better quality instrument) or is it a matter of personal preference?
  10. Good point, and this is something that I'm definitely interested too!
  11. That is an accurate summary. From a perspective of someone that knows very little about the construction process, I figured it would be beneficial to be able to tell apart different methods of joining pieces together. I also have no intention of becoming a world class expert, and having a completely unrelated to music carrier I don’t have possibility to inspect closely hundreds or thousands of instruments. That being said, I really hope that this doesn’t mean I have no chance of learning at least a little bit. And I’m a woman, by the way
  12. Are there any resources for someone that would like to learn to identify violins? For example pictures pointing out differences in scrolls, rib joints etc.
  13. Pity, I hoped was an interesting feature
  14. There is purfling, it's just barely visible in the darker parts. I attach some more photos form the auction website. But speaking generally not about this particular violin, were notchless f-holes popular at some point? I couldn't find too many photos.
  15. Good point, I haven’t thought of that.
  16. Are f-holes without notches like the one of the photo characteristic of any particular region or time period?
  17. I’m impressed how knowledgeable people here are. And willing to share their knowledge too. Are there books or websites with pictures showing how, for example, different rib joints look?
  18. I saw that thread, but the photos are from a craigslist-type website where it's listed as a Bisiach. I really like the look of this violin but wanted to at least partially verify it before I travel to try it. There were two more photos that I attach now
  19. Thank you, everyone, it's really interesting. I'm curious, what is the giveaway that it's not a Bisiach or what makes it interesting? If it's not something that you'd like to share on a public forum perhaps you could send a dm?
  20. Hello, Is the violin from the photos fake or could it be an authentic Leandro Bisiach violin? I’ve tried to compare it to instruments on tarisio but it’s hard to do when you don’t know what to look for.
  21. I see. That's disappointing but good to know. Thank you
  22. Hello there, Can this type of crack be repaired or is the damage too bad? And is there a chance that it actually comes from the Vuillaume workshop? I'm considering taking a chance and buying this bow if it's possible to repair. I'd appreciate any input.