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  1. Resize , i meant the scroll grafting. I apologize im not fluent in all the violin lingo . Although Ive learned a lot from reading your posts on these forums. Does someone know a good luthier in Nyc i could take the violin too ? I really like it and would like to have it cleaned. Not sure what can be done with all the wear to the varnish.
  2. These pictures of the scroll are the reason i got the violin (looks to me like an early Italian priest/clergy with a skullcap ). The violin definitely has been resized thats why i thought it might be an early violin. When i get home I will take better pictures with my camera instead of my phone. I appreciate your thoughts on this violin. I forgot to upload the pic of the purfling , it looked really nice to me.
  3. I posted about this violin but got no response to the actual violin im re posting. The pics I used a telescopic camera to look Inside there is no label but words carved into the wood " A. S. Cremona Anno 1711 "
  4. What do you think of the pictures i uploaded of the writing inside the violin ? it reads" A. S. Cremona Anno 1711 "
  5. I appreciate your advice. I was just so excited when i found this inscription inside the violin. I mean i assumed it was probably fake . I usually see labels inside never carved words in the wood. I bought a little snake camera to peek inside. it reads A. S. Cremona Anno 1711 .
  6. Any Idea what cremonese makers used this wood on their violins in the 18th Century?