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  1. I always shop in Chicago whenever I get the chance, but I don't live there. It has a much larger inventory and many more shops than Minnesota. But it is always fun to browse no matter where you are. I was studying in Iowa when I got the violin, have since moved to Boston and now on to Michigan. I haven't showed it around Chicago much, perhaps I should next time I'm back... But hey, never know what random people on the internet know about things. Some days you get lucky, so I thought I'd try. :-) Thanks Philip!
  2. \o Hi. First time poster here, but I've tried to follow the posting guides. I've had this violin for a little bit (2016), when I purchased it in Chicago. Obviously fake label and I've taken it to a few shops and gotten suitably vague answers. :-) It has great tone and support and has been a good upgrade for me. I'm just wondering what people can tell me about it. Thanks all!