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  1. I appreciate everyone’s input. I had no expectations when buying this and since I’m a beginner again ( played 20 yrs ago) this violin will do just fine. i don’t even think it is a “hopf” due to the “.” After the f. Again thanks for everyone’s take on it.
  2. I only paid 400 for the violin, bow and pro tec international case it was all in. It sounds pretty good, but I am an amateur so don’t know what it really can do.
  3. I picked this up about a year ago from Craigslist. story was he bought several violins off his elderly neighbor since she was going thu health issues. Supposedly this was her “baby”. My main curiosity is the “button” at the neck under the fingerboard. There is no label inside nor does is have corner blocks. Neck inside looks to be through. The bow that came with it looks to be stamped * G A PFRETZSCHNER * but a lot of lettering is worn down.