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  1. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. It's a great learning opportunity for me! I'll definitely lubricate the nut. It's worth mentioning that the violin is part of a brand set up by a luthier here in New Zealand. He gets them made in China then sets them up professionally when they arrive. He's pretty confident in his brand, although as the bridge feet were not flush with the violin body, I'm wondering how much set up went into it! Picture of the peg box for reference
  2. I have D'Addario Prelude steel strings. It broke in the peg box, right where the coloured cotton wrapping on the string starts (not sure what that's called). I probably tightened the peg too quickly and too far right before it broke.
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like some clarification on how I should have tuned my D string. It broke while I was tuning with the pegs after straightening the bridge (it arrived with the feet not in full contact with the body of the violin). I was using a chromatic tuner to check pitch, but the smallest turn of the peg caused a jump from A to G ranges. Am I correct in assuming I should have tuned with fine tuners once I reached the upper end of G or lower end of A using the pegs? Or should it have been easy enough to tune to a D with the pegs? For reference my A string was in tune before I tried to tune the D string. Also, should I tune the other strings, or just leave it as it is until I can replace the string? Thanks!
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