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  1. I still try to find out who could be the violinmaker, or at least at what region it could have been build.
  2. The photos i posted came from online auctionplatform catawiki and the viola has been sold for 900€. The viola on has been sold for 10000$.
  3. The scroll seems very similar to a viola of Gaibisso sold bye in 2010. See: => If the instrument is not a Gaibisso, What could it be?
  4. Seller is German indeed. I have a slight feeling that the label is fake. That's why i mentionned "presumed". Do you have an idea who could have build the viola or in what region? When?
  5. I am new on this site, what do you think of the following Viola? Can it really be made bye Gaibisso. Thx