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  1. After members of this forum helped to identify the violin, I have listed it on ebay. The item # is 164060164627, if anybody here is interested. I would prefer this goes to somebody that will appreciate what it is, and how long it has survived.
  2. The measurement is 35.56 cm (14 inches).
  3. Thanks guys. I will measure again tomorrow.
  4. Here are more pictures, if anybody has any more info to offer.
  5. Thank you for the advice and comments! I will probably put this on ebay soon. Thanks again.
  6. OK, thanks. Is this something that a local store might buy, or is ebay the only option? Thanks again.
  7. Hello, I am new here, and am here looking for free help. My wife and I have worked hard for a long time, and are finally building a new house. As we are going through our parents stuff, we came across an old violin that was in my father-in-laws stuff. He was always buying houses that were foreclosed etc, and ended up with some interesting stuff. He has long since passed, and we need to get rid of most of his stuff to fit into our new house. We aren't really worried about how much this is worth as much as we'd like it to be appreciated by somebody who would enjoy it, if it has any real value. Is this worth getting an appraisal? Thank you. I have more pictures if needed.