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  1. This plane reminds of some curves spokeshaves/planes i've seen being used for making chairs. I got a picture of them
  2. Those look very nice. I bought my own gouges from ebay. Some nice sheffield made ones. Can't go wrong with old steel. Thankfully I've got the workbench part figured out. I use an old european workbench. Its like 2 meters long and extremely heavy. It doesn't move at all unless I want it to.
  3. Thats a very smart idea. Makes the no lathe problem go away. And how do you attach the actual gouge to the brass tube? Wooden bushings at the ends of the tube?
  4. I've also seen people using their shoulders as well, bracing the end of the handle on the right shoulder (for right handed people) and then push to make the cut.
  5. Yes i know how you are supposed to put your body weight on the gouge. I am just saying that you'd have to bend your waist a lot more to do that with a shorter handle
  6. Exactly what i was thinking. Even the thought of having to put your whole body weight on a short handle makes my back hurt.
  7. Mr. Burgess is this the gouge you are using now for roughing out? I've seen a photo of you using a rather large gouge with a long handle. Have you turned the handle yourself or did you buy it like this? Because I could really use a gouge with a long handle. Looks very comfortable at least for the initial roughing...
  8. I found a video showing a technique of roughing out without a gouge but instead with a finger plane. This technique looks of unorthodox and I was really curious to see what the rest of the MN members think about it? Are there any disadvantages with this approach?
  9. Wow and I was worried that I maybe too old (almost 23 in a few months). Good to know I will contact the school when the time is right to ask them about what paperwork is needed what I have to pay etc, if i need to get specific tools etc. (i have many tools but they may not be what the school requires)
  10. I can’t thank you enough Mr. Sora for all this super useful information that you provided me with. Hopefully I will be able to get into the third year directly. I have made instruments before but not a violin. In Greece its the exams period now in university when it is over, probably during the end of july, I will purchase tonewood to build a violin. Though I do know most of the steps involved in making one (i've seen your great videos many many times ) I still havent made a violin yet. So before I do anything else I would like to build a violin and make as many mistakes as possible so that I learn from them. But I believe that having an actual instrument to present in my cv or the teachers will help. Even if turns out to be bad at least I'll have a physical violin (well hopefully of some sort ). When I receive my degree I will contact the school to find out what paperwork is required and how to proceed to enter. Again many many thanks Mr. Sora you are very kind and you have helped me immeasurably. I wish you all the best
  11. Oh I see so if I understood correctly the for first two out of five years, if I understood correctly (forgive me if I haven't but Greece school system seems a bit different) there is a chance that I have to attend classes with people who may be aged under 18. I really hope that I am exempted because i am currently 22 going to 23 that would be quite akward. Also studying high school subjects is not really what I had in mind especially if they are in italian, I thought I was done with high school 5 years ago . So based on my understanding and hopefully by common sense I will be exempted from these subjects since I will have a high school diploma and a university degree. I really hope I am able to skip directly to 3rd year if the italian language level that is required isn't too high (meaning native speaker high). The violin playing may pose a bit of a problem, because though I do play the violin decently, I am self taught by ear and thus I have absolutely no idea what notes I am playing .Nor do I know any music theory. However I doubt thats going to be too hard to learn, I'll just have figure out what notes I've been playing all this time. Maybe attend a few violin lessons before giving these exams.
  12. Hello Mr. Sora , Thank you for replying to my thread. Those are extremely useful information because I am 10 subjects away from receiving my degree and I didn't really how to proceed at becoming a violin maker. My plan was after getting my physics degree here (hopefully this year) to do my army duties, because in Greece service in the army is compulsury for 9 months. Meanwhile either on my own or with a teacher I was thinking doing many italian language lessons per week till I reach an acceptable level. I've been told by my mother that if you study its not that hard to learn, she is proficient in italian and took her about 3 years to get there without too many lessons. So the plan is army first, then some italian lessons which will hopefully pay off and then the Stradivari School. Its great news that its (well almost) free because that 45000€ that the other school asked kind of ruined my hopes to be honest with you. The only part that I didn't really understand how it works, is the equivelence with the high school. You mentioned that if I have a degree that I can be exempted by taking exams. What kind of exams are they? The ones you mentioned in the end of your reply about making a fingerboard or in something else?
  13. No problem, I will contact them then probably tomorrow because there is still a chance that they might see this thread and get to me before then.
  14. Oh I thought the cut you off the school. Well maybe I shouldn't attend english and religion too because I have put a few pounds recently. I doubt free meals wil help By the way what kind of lessons due they do. Do most of them involve actual woodworking/ making the violin or are there many theoretical ones such as english and religion that you mentioned (eg history, physics etc?)
  15. Thats great to hear thank you for letting me know, I hope it remains the same till this day, meaning no tuition fees. Also based on your experience I'll make sure not to skip classes in case I go there