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  1. Yes he is a businessman and we didn't buy that violin finally. Just don't understand why he did so to us...
  2. Thank you for your help! So we can confirm that it is a Markie? Because the dealer told me it is a handmade and not a factory o workshop one. I do know some good shops and I think I do need to have a evaluation.
  3. Thanks. The condition is not good but the tone is nice. The man who owns that violin is dedicated to find old violins hurt or distroyed and asks a violin maker to repair them...
  4. Hello friends: A friend of my mom wanted to sell me an old German violin. It has a label inside which says: copy of Giovan Paolo Maggini made in Germany From the information on the Internet, I assume that it is a German factory violin of the 20th centrury. It has been repaired several times and it has 4 scrolls and a nice tone. Yes I really like that tone. On its back there's a pattern, I'm wondering if it means the brand of the factory or something else. I think the pictures may help. My mom's friend tell me it should cost 4500 dolars. Can anyone give me some advice?