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  1. yes, it is true. The material is cheap. But now I do not have the sure if I would to sell some more expensive instrument. So I use cheap material and to practise the craft. I am curently working on the sound my basses.
  2. Thanks. The neck is really made of two (three) pieces. The line is a piece of blacked maple. There are some reasons ... I can carve pegbox before gluing, it is easier than classical method. And ... I can simply use a standard 50 mm maple plank. And .. I can cut two ribs from the peaces before cutting and gluing the neck. When I am cutting the scroll I can see exact centre of material. The neck is probably more durable on twist deformation. Sometimes I put into the neck a prism of massaranduba wood. Kind of reinforsment. It works and neck can be thiner. I am from Bohemia and some Bohemian basses from Luby u Chebu (Schonbach) from 1960 - 70 have necks glued from 5 pieces. The centre of that neck look as a purfling. One czech luthier advice me this solution.
  3. Thanks. It is model based on an instrument by Anton Posh. The instrument is in wien museum (Collection of Historic Musical Instruments). The instrument originally 5-string - was in past rebuild to 4-string version. The scroll is from another instrument. I am attaching a foto. I don´t know its author. It it my try motivated by saving material - I cut from sides the neck materials (neck of my instrument is from two pieces) some ribs.
  4. Yes. I think that he sells his Primo "commercially". But I don't know what amount of it he can to produce. I think that not many litres. It is necessary to ask him.
  5. I am beginner in double bass making. I made a VIDEO of my first varnishing of double bass by oil varnish - using UV shed. Húslař sold me his "Primo" and provided advice about the varnish recipe and varnishing proces.
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