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  1. Thanks. It is model based on an instrument by Anton Posh. The instrument is in wien museum (Collection of Historic Musical Instruments). The instrument originally 5-string - was in past rebuild to 4-string version. The scroll is from another instrument. I am attaching a foto. I don´t know its author. It it my try motivated by saving material - I cut from sides the neck materials (neck of my instrument is from two pieces) some ribs.
  2. Yes. I think that he sells his Primo "commercially". But I don't know what amount of it he can to produce. I think that not many litres. It is necessary to ask him.
  3. I am beginner in double bass making. I made a VIDEO of my first varnishing of double bass by oil varnish - using UV shed. Húslař sold me his "Primo" and provided advice about the varnish recipe and varnishing proces.