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  1. Thanks Giovani, thats exactly what my Luthier told me. He is fixing the rib, new bridge, adjusting the nut changing tail peg and tail piece and a new set of Dominant strings. I think this violin deserves the much needed repair and service
  2. After trialing 10 violins for my daughter; 3 JTL's, 1 Steiner copy, 1 Klotz copy, 1 Saxony, 1 Klingenthal, 1 Chinese and a Yamaha V10. We decided on this Germsn violin estimated 1890 with a single back. It has a lovely warm tone and resonates very well, it has no label. It has a slight gap at the rib near tail peg. Is this repairable by a luthier? Also any idea if this is German and what region. She also selected a Dorfler 15 bow which sounds great on this violin. Thanks for previous post information.
  3. I think you totally have the wrong end of this thread. The violin I am going to purchase has nothing to do with the teacher apart from her approval. She is both Royal academy and Guild hall trained, a professional violinist who tours the world with orchestras. Her own violin cost £15,000. Her advice was not to buy anything from an auction site, to visit several shops, but she also said the older the better and French or German because she understands my lack of knowledge on this subject and that daughter plays a lot so is looking for her next violin as "the one" at least as much as her Daddy c
  4. Sorry forgot yes my daughter is grade 6 ABRSM so quite advanced for an 11 year old who practises every day.
  5. I thank you all for taking the time to reply the advice is invaluable. The teacher is not involved apart from approval of violins we wish to purchase, her advice was well meant and she is not charging for approval. The price is for Violin only and daughter has tried a few new ones from Yamaha that she liked the playability and tone. Price can go up if the Violin is worth it. The idea of an older instrument I feel is a good path her first 3 violins 1/4 stentor student 1/2 stentor student 2 and 3/4 Hidersine Venezia where all new from shops and set up. But they depreciate and older one shou
  6. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. My daughter currently grade 6 student aged 11 needs a full size Violin, her teachers advice was the older the better, she also said French or German. I have been researching this fascinating subject and Mirecourt 19th Century sounds like a wise direction to look at. We are visiting a violin dealer who has several examples we can trial and the tutor can confirm which would be her choice for my daughter. Can anyone 0lease name a few French and German makers we should look at possibly end of the 19th early 20th century? Price range from
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