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    Fine arts, violin, guitar, mandolin, banjo. I play these be not with any skill. Reading classical literature. Just finished Dante's Divine Comedy. I enjoy shooting firearms. There are more things I like and use to do but life has intervened and has brought an end to many of the other activities.

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  1. Glock

    Slicing the Bridge

    For me as a Hillbilly fiddler I guess it is all relative to me.
  2. Glock

    Slicing the Bridge

    Victor. See my post to Rue which was my reply to you. I will eventually learn how to use this site in time.
  3. Glock

    Slicing the Bridge

    I imagine there is a difference. I was quoted two different prices for a bridge set up. $145 and $169. I have chosen to attempt to trim a bridge myself. I have watched a number of videos now and read some. I have a few spare bridges which I can tinker with (practice on) and try out. I am guessing I can purchase a few necessary tools and pattern guides which will be far less than the prices I have been quoted. Besides, I am not a professional concert player, just a back woods fiddler. I played for so long just loading any ol bridge onto the violin and played, but have never believed the violin was giving me what it could. If I am lucky I will produce a bridge trim that will make me happy.
  4. Glock

    Slicing the Bridge

    Thanks for the information. Well appreciated.
  5. The one which sold for so much can be found in the price history here on this site.
  6. Got it. Ergo the odds mine is a fake is roughly 99.5%. Where I procured the instrument from is a surrity that it is a knock-off. Thanks for your patients and thanks for the responses. I do appreciate it.
  7. Hi.  I might be off base here with topic but I will give it a shot.  I am trying to understand how to trim a bridge and its importance in tone and sound production for the violin.  I am a self-taught fiddler, so when I replace the bridge I buy one and put it on with no trimming with knife or sandpaper.  Now that I have heard the bridge must be trimmed and fitted I am guessing it has a lot to do with sound and tone production.  Can and will you share how this is done?  I cannot be the only person who is not aware of this aand what you share others would be appreciative for the information.  Thanks.


  8. Greetings. I am new here and I fiddle with the violin. I am a self taught fiddler. Not real good at it but enough to enjoy playing the violin. So who knows, and will share information about how critical it is to trim ,and fit the bridge to achieve the maximum tone, and volume of the violin? I have noted that trimming the bridge is important regarding the sound production, so I am hoping someone can explain how this is done and why it is important, and where is the best information in performing this task. I have always just bought a bridge and put it onto the instrument without trimming and fitting the bridge, and always frustrated about the sound. As a self taught fiddler I have performed various tasks on the instrument, but this is new to me.
  9. I am far from a professional, but I have one question to you regarding the instrument. Can you read the label fixed to the interior of the instrument? Not just the name but any and all information regarding the label like a date, any filigree marking on the label and et.cet.?
  10. First, I am new here and my Violin experiance is really limited thus am attempting to learn. Now. I have an old Violin and having surveyed the section of current auction prices out of the, Price History section. I discovered a Violin crafted by the same maker as I possess. I was in utter shock to see the final price received. I am wondering if anyone can validate the authenticity of prices. I am guessing the one auctioned was in pristine condition while mine has a few chips of wood missing from the edges and one longitudinal crack which appears to be more a cosmetic defect and has not affected the playability of the instrument. Now. Be aware that I am not interested in selling mine. I like it. I like it alot. I might be interested if I could get 10 times the latest auction price. I am just trying to understand if the craftsman who made the one I own and the one auctioned really has a significant value. I have had it appraised before and told it was not of much value at all. The craftsman is a German maker Jocabus Steiner. Can anyone shed some light on this craftsman and the general value of his Violins. I would appreciate any conversation and information available. Please help.