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  1. I think this is actually done in a few places now. A friend of mine who studied in Cremona said that this was also starting to be taught there (in the state school). You can see an example here https://miocannone.com/cremona-violin-by-andrea-cabrini-cremona-2022/ and there are many other examples about.
  2. If you put it on Ebay someone would probably buy it. For how much I'm not sure, but it would sell.
  3. I am not convinced that the Aguttes auction is going ahead, so I may remove it soon. I am also not sure about the DeBaque auction either, but for now it is still listed on their site so I will keep it on.
  4. Get your money back if you can. This is just a generic trade violin in a bad condition (back join). Probably worth $200 being optimistic.
  5. I think I understand what you're getting at........
  6. Even the slightly wide chamfer at the back of the scroll.
  7. Outline, label and workmanship looks very similar to an example on Tarisio. Not that this is conclusive.
  8. Sunrise now up (JAPAN) Sunrise Auctions - December 15th (2022) - Violins and Bows - https://www.sunrise-auction.com/auction_list.php?aid=91698974
  9. Personally I think it looks awesome. Wonderfully charming.
  10. Also to clarify, my grandfather was Czech. But I do not speak the language.
  11. Interesting first few posts from our new Czech forum member..... If we look to the work 'Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart' by 16th century Czech philosopher Jan Amos Komenský, we can explore his allegory and depiction of a pilgrim or seeker of the truth exploring and traversing various aspect of the world. At one point this pilgrim has a guide on his journey which is a manifestation of Delusion. Delusion gives him some spectacles so that he can see the world in a more distorted way, but our pilgrim is able to shift these glasses and see things for what they really are. He then describes the truth in what he sees. If one was to replace the term 'humans' in the following excerpt and replace it with 'Fine Italian Violins' then we may start to get a understanding of what is occurring here. Chapter VII (The Pilgrim Examines the Market Place of the World) 4 THEIR DIVERSE DEFORMITIES. And watching them attentively, I saw that they were all variously disfigured, not merely in their features, but in their bodies as well. Most of them were pimply, scabby, or leprous. Besides, one had a swine lip, another dog's teeth, or ox horns, or ass ears, or basilisk eyes, or a fox tail, or wolf claws. Some, I observed, strutted about with a proudly erected peacock's neck, others with an erect lapwing crest, or with horse-hoofs, and so on. Most of them resembled monkeys. Horrified, I exclaimed: "But I see monsters here!" "Of what monsters are you babbling, you meddler?" remarked my interpreter, threatening me with his fist; "if only you look properly through your glasses, you will recognize them as human!" Moreover, some of the passers-by overheard my calling them monsters and stopped, threatening and reviling me. I realized that it was useless to argue. Therefore I remained silent, thinking to myself: if they wish to regard themselves as human, so be it. But I see what I see. Moreover, I was afraid lest my companion should readjust the glasses and thus delude. I decided, therefore, to be quiet and rather to concentrate on those fine things of which I had seen the beginning. I looked about me again and noticed that many people were dexterous in the manipulation of their masks, quickly snatching them off and donning them again, so that in an instant they could assume any appearance which befitted their need. Then I began to understand the course of the world. Nevertheless, I held my peace. A DIVNÁ POTVORSTVÍ. A maje na to pozor, vidím, že všickni nejen v oblíčeji, ale i sic na těle rozličně jsou zpotvořeni. Napořád byli trudovatí, prašiví či malomocní; a mimo to některý měl svinský pysk, jiný psí zuby, jiný volové rohy, jiný osličí uši, jiný baziliškové oči, jiný liščí ocas, jiný vlčí pazoury; některé sem viděl s pávovým vysoko vytaženým krkem, jiné s dedkovým naježeným chocholem, některé s koňskými kopyty etc., nejvíc pak bylo podobných opicím. I zděsím se a řeknu: "Však pak já toto potvory jakési vidím." "Co (pry), všetýčko, pravíš, potvory?" dí tlumočník a hrozí mi pěstí. "Hleď jen zkrze okuláry dobře, spatříš, že lidé jsou." Někteří pak z mimo jdoucích zaslechli, že sem je potvorami nazval, a zastavíc se reptali a na mne se také potrhovali. Takž já srozuměv, že tu mudrovati darmo, umlkl sem, pomysle sobě: Když pak lidmi býti chtějí, nechť jsou: já však, co vidím, vidím. Bál sem se pak, aby mi bryllí lépe nepřitlačil a mne nezmámil; protože sem uložil mlčeti a tiše raději na ty tak bystré věci, jakýchž sem tu začátek spatřil, se dívati. I hledím znovu a vidím, jak někteří uměle s těmi larvami zacházeli, hbitě je zsmykajíce i vstavujíce, takže v okamžení sobě, kde viděli potřebu, jinou tvárnost dáti uměli. A tu sem již začínal běhu světa toho vyrozumívati; ale mlčel jsem.
  12. There are a few points listed in the proposal document which may have an effect in the long term. It depends how things are managed and how governments act on the proposals. For example: Directed to Parties, in particular source transit and destination Parties for Paubrasilia echinata 19.CC Parties, and in particular source, transit and destination Parties for Paubrasilia echinata, are invited to: b) consider the registration of stockpiles of Paubrasilia echinata as appropriate; Directed to governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations and other entities 19.DD Governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations and other entities, are invited to: a) support the implementation of the listing of Paubrasilia echinata, inter alia by: i) exploring ways to increase the traceability of finished bows, including for example, the development and implementation of a system of a unique individual marking and by sensitising producers and consumers (in particular musicians) of the status of the species ii) work with Brazil to identify existing Paubrasilia echinata plantations within Brazil that could be considered source code A or Y to establish a sustainable supply chain
  13. Looks like it stays in Appendix II, interesting that no one challenged it on the floor.
  14. Big disagreements about prop 41 so it might be a while before they get on to 49.
  15. Its quite funny watching the process of this whole thing.
  16. This is the current live stream, they are on around proposal 28 at the moment as I type. Pernambuco is proposal 49.
  17. Lets see what happens later today then.
  18. Piano Auctions catalogue for those who love Pianos (UK) Piano Auctions Ltd - December 13th (2022) - Pianos - https://pianoauctions.co.uk/13th-december-2022-auction-catalogue
  19. Here is a bad google translate of the OPs message - I pulled this provisional post from a thread about Emanuel Adam Homolka in the auction scroll. Could anyone identify this tool? I definitely have clues but I'll leave it to the experts!! In the violin there was an inscription with the year, it is no longer visible, maybe some kind of microscope or X-ray. Unreadable. Thank you. Feel free to text 721721886 otherwise they were just a board. So I glued it and it plays better than the Stradivary, at least according to the YouTube recordings. Otherwise, I am looking for someone who will evaluate them and possibly issue a certificate of authenticity. I will easily let them thoroughly examine how the wood ages and everything. .
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