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  1. Sad to report that English luthier and double bass specialist Roger Dawson passed away last Wednesday. I believe he had been ill for a while.
  2. All three days of the next Vichy auction are now up. (FRA) Vichy Encheres - September 28th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-livres-musique-disques-instruments-detude-297008/ (FRA) Vichy Encheres - September 29th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-lutherie-detude-297009/ (FRA) Vichy Encheres - September 30th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/vente-en-live-a-14-h-lutherie-detude-297010/
  3. Cool many thanks for the picture
  4. I have a T20 Baroque violin. General workship is good, a few cosmetic things here and there but can't really complain for the money. The pegs are little bit slippy which is probably the worst issue. Usable as an entry level Baroque instrument.
  5. I do find these scrolls curious. @fiddlerjer do you have a picture from the front of the scroll?
  6. Hi @DonavinH Does your family own any of his instruments? I'd be interested to see some pictures of one if possible.
  7. Tennants now up (UK) Tennants - September 29th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://bid.tennants.co.uk/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/1019?page=1&items=200
  8. Bromptons have put their aftersale up https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-10th-september-2021/list/page-1.html
  9. 100% ha ha My room used to be full of guitars, it is now full of violins.
  10. @murray kuun as we already had this same thread in the pegbox I have moved this one to the makers section and changed the title. If you have any new builds please feel free to keep this thread updated, it would be great to see what you are working on. Regards, Shelbow
  11. I think he meant he is stuck (having difficulty) with the identification of it.
  12. I'm afraid that entries to the international violin bridge competition have now closed.
  13. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/333119-how-to-photograph-an-instrument-for-identifcation-purposes/
  14. @malka1989 We really need to see some better photos to know what it could be. There is a stickied post on the main part of this forum that explains what pictures are required.
  15. Bromptons sale now up: (UK) Bromptons - September 1st - 10th (2021) - General Sale - https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-10th-september-2021/list/page-1.html
  16. Looks like a very low quality modern Chinese bow out of some random wood and a German trade bow also not great quality probably out of Abeille.
  17. Gardiner Houlgate Auction now up (UK) Gardiner Houlgate - September 10th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/f818187896b5c7c13584dc1131073bb5/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/musical-instruments/
  18. New sunrise auction up. (JPN) Sunrise - August 31st - September 9th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://www.sunrise-auction.com/auction_list.php?aid=290686448
  19. Catalogues for the GH guitar auctions are now up. (UK) Gardiner Houlgate - September 8th (2021) - Guitars - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/778b43bf12b0ddb6774490eac5a91de1/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/the-guitar-auction-online-only-two-day-sale-including-gu/ (UK) Gardiner Houlgate - September 9th (2021) - Guitars - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/778b43bf12b0ddb6774490eac5a91de1/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/the-guitar-auction-online-only-two-day-sale-including-gu/
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