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  1. I presume he means Continuo? As In Basso Continuo. Takes me back to my uni days where we had to investigate the different instrument parts in Monteverdi's Orfeo. I had to write a a piece of coursework on the Regal Organ.
  2. Thank you so much, this is very good news indeed. Let's hope so. The collection has been postponed until today.
  3. Dear all this is getting a bit too political, please bring the topic back on track.
  4. MOD HAT ON Dear all, Let's move on with this discussion. A reminder that personal attacks or language that is deemed to be a personal attack on another member is not acceptable on Maestronet. If you are in disagreement with the actions of the OP and don't wish to contribute to their information request then please refrain from posting. I have been following this thread the whole way and it has been a strange journey. Everyone has made points which I believe are valid in some way, and I can understand that there are several points of view at play here. I will defer to @Jeffrey Holmes to comment further on the situation if required. Until then please keep things respectable.
  5. Interesting, I didn't know that about Switzerland. In my work we were mainly concerned about Russia or people accidentally taking CITES restricted items to the US. I used to have to get lots of item passports from the Arts Council, but now they have really relaxed the temporary export of musical instruments since Brexit. They also no longer issue these passports either so we just produce our own instead and laminate them.
  6. Oh also I forgot to mention I also oiled this bow so it actually has a finish that is a bit more durable, once again slowly progressing towards the believable.......... When I get paid I'm going to buy another part for my lathe which with hopefully increase the speed of production and improve the accuracy.
  7. Its loosely based on some iconography with some of my own brand of randomness added.
  8. I knocked up this bow really quickly for someone that wanted to play a vielle but only had a baroque bow which I think was a bit too long and sophisticated for the vielle. It's rough and ready but hopefully it works, they have not tried it yet. I've had a couple of people actually play it on a baroque violin and a modern violin and apparently it works pretty well. I guess this is progress..... I actually kinda like this design of bow so I might try and make a longer baroque bow in this style. 500m long, clip in frog, detachable clip in head, Beech and Padauk. Did a bit of turning on my micro wood lathe! One thing I learnt on my masters degree is that I love wood lathes. Much better than the dirty metal lathes I trained on as a youth studying engineering. Onwards and upwards!
  9. I'm not particularly up on classical music I'm afraid (I'm assuming we are talking the wider genre rather than period specific). I do like Asturias by Albéniz, but then I come from a guitar background so anything Albéniz works for me. Most things by Arvo Pärt are pretty good in my book. I think I prefer early music in reality.
  10. Even in modern times interesting things like this happen. In a previous role as a quality engineer I have seen goods manufactured in the Middle East shipped to a European manufacturing plant for re packaging / branding. These goods were then shipped off to Israel to be sold. The original country of manufacture wasn't too far from the border.......
  11. Thanks Jacob, a very interesting and informative read. I look forward to the future updates.
  12. Excellent I'm getting better........ I just need to work on my geographical knowledge and refine my dating a bit.
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