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  1. See what happens in long term, no one knows especially with covid.
  2. Yes the leave battle bus was claiming we would save £350m a week that was going to Europe.
  3. Possibly not bad give the circumstances but a definite sign of the times.
  4. Yes @MikeC was talking about this exact thing in this thread: He said if you contact Hans then the software is still available but it is a bit expensive. Seems that Mike C acquired it though as he referenced it in one of his latest updates to his makers bench thread (also below).
  5. Well that Bromptons sale didn't go too well........... only about 47% of the items actually sold first time around. I assume that bidding will open again on unsold items either later today or tomorrow.
  6. I'm curious to see how all this brexit stuff goes in regards to UK solidarity. I feel this is going to push a Scottish drive for independence again and then Wales and NI may also see further support for their own movements for independence/unity. I was watching some commentary on the NI situation yesterday and the economic situation is pushing a lot of people (more than already do) to support a possible future re-unification with the Republic.
  7. I presume that many UK dealers would usually sell to individuals in the EU on a regularly basis before brexit, I assume this element of business will be severly affected at least for the time being whilst individiuals are subject to import charges.
  8. Bromptons auction is ending over the next few hours if anyone is interested
  9. Definitely 100%. Recently auction prices have seemed to be abit high IMO, but perhaps they might start to fall now. We shall have to see I guess. I bought some snakewood from Germany the other day, let's see what crazy charges I get when it arrives..............
  10. Yeah it will be a quiet year. I presume that a lot of European buyers will be put off from buying from the UK at the moment given the additional charges they will face.
  11. The first school of Kennedy cello looks interesting. I think it is very difficult for auction houses to get instruments during the pandemic especially in the UK. Some people don't want to leave their house at all, travel is limited and going on long journeys to collect things could see you fined by the police. The post service and even couriers are seeing massive delays. The situation is just not a good one. I'm in London and not far from central and we haven't recieved any mail for almost a week. The sorting hubs are lcosed due to Corona outbreaks.