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  1. Bromptons now up https://www.bromptons.co/auction/1st-8th-december/list/page-1.html
  2. It's all just smoke and mirrors to mislead you on the secret work of the order they have connections everywhere!
  3. The Vintage Instruments site you have liked to is the only one I have found so far that sells stuff like this. Also curious to know if anyone has any sources for old American violins.
  4. Amati auction up (UK) AMATI - December 6th (2023) - Affordable bowed string instruments - https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1107-amati-affordable-6th-december
  5. It's an interesting topic. I am not a player unfortunately, but I get a lot of feedback regarding how instruments sound and play quite often through my work. It seems that certain instruments always seem to sound bad to most people, others seems to always sound good and then everything in the middle seems to just be on a case by case basis / player preference. Everyone hears things differently. I've heard the same instruments played by numerous different people, some might love it instantly, some may hate it. Some people make it sounds good, some people just can't make it work. The psychology of the relationship between musician, instrument and maker is something of interest to me. If I ever were to undertake a doctorate...
  6. A few people taste the wood instead, in the case of pernambuco. Apparently it works to a degree, I have not tried it myself.
  7. Tarisio T2 now up (USA) TARISIO T2 - December (2023) - Bowed Strings - https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/?csid=2200010752
  8. On an account with that many posts, it either a genuine response or a hacked account.
  9. Do you have some more pictures of the head and the back?
  10. Shelbow

    Violin ID

    Not sure what is occurring here, but this exact same violin was for sale (looks to be sold) at Bridgewood and Neitzert https://bridgewoodandneitzert.london/violin-by-frantisek-xavier-drozen-1940-p26441 You can match the figure and some of the marks on the back and scroll etc.
  11. Can you post some pictures of the violin and the stamp/writing? It would be interesting to see.
  12. Thanks, yeah all the Gardiner ones are up, so are all the Vichy ones, Apollium and Aguttes. I've been a bit slow recently. (UK) GARDINER HOULGATE- December 5th (2023) - Guitars - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/1c123bc2f2c541ad43758de2a1d07c85/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/the-guitar-auction-four-day-sale-including-guitars-entert/ (UK) GARDINER HOULGATE- December 6th (2023) - Guitars - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/1c123bc2f2c541ad43758de2a1d07c85/aa3256dfaa581b83dd9a740d7ec8e30d/the-guitar-auction-four-day-sale-including-guitars-entert/ (UK) GARDINER HOULGATE- December 7th (2023) - Amps - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/1c123bc2f2c541ad43758de2a1d07c85/3dfe96b3d8514009372b34ed949e473e/the-guitar-auction-four-day-sale-including-guitars-entert/ (UK) GARDINER HOULGATE- December 8th (2023) - Antique Guitars - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/1c123bc2f2c541ad43758de2a1d07c85/bf0761984d271d5c0c6b7fc7cecee274/the-guitar-auction-four-day-sale-including-guitars-entert/ (UK) GARDINER HOULGATE- December 8th (2023) - Musical Instruments - https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/647ed8e05148050e94a75052f594de61/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/musical-instruments/
  13. If they are too big in file size the forum rejects them. Try and keep each file under 2mb.
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