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  1. Maybe bridge cutting is also a fetish for some! There might be some interesting videos out there on the dark web.......
  2. Its looks interesting, I'll try and pick up a copy sometime.
  3. Here is another one for sale at auction
  4. I don't recall ever seeing or ticking a box, but it's possible it is somewhere in the settings and I didn't notice. I will have a look at the situation next time I look to buy something from them. Either way I am not overly concerned.
  5. This statement interests me because I bought something from Bromptons at the last auction and this came up for that item too. Do they mean the seller rather than the person that bought it? (because I didn't request that) or do they just do that automatically anyway.
  6. Well I just post all the links in the one auction thread and leave it at that unless I see something especially curious to talk about. I'm keeping an eye on Tarisio, bromptons and amati as standard plus a whole bunch of others. I don't really have the money to talk about anything interesting at the moment .
  7. New Amati auction being uploaded now
  8. New eeeeeeebony everything from our workshop...
  9. Shelbow

    German Bow

    They do great guitar parts
  10. I just start from the beginning, mainly because I want to see if there is anything that I can afford
  11. Bromptons catalogue now up
  12. Yeah I could see that after I looked at the pictures again, I think I'm always very cautious about neck grafts so I think I just need to study more of them.
  13. Hard to tell from the image, but looks like it might have a fake neck graft.
  14. The reveal is that it's not a violin at all, it is in fact a very cleverly disguised waffle maker! The things that engineers can do these days, it really blows my mind.
  15. I have a couple of more expensive Chinese instruments and they are not too bad.