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  1. Perfect thanks a lot
  2. Shame Warren seem to not offer shipping outside of the US and Canada. These look great.
  3. Well I wouldn't get to excited by any of them or believe any labels, but some of them are interesting enough to a bottom feeder like myself if they were cheap enough.
  4. Yes definitely
  5. Just spotted another French auction happening in the next few days (FRA) SVV Farrando - April 16th (2021) - Violins & Bows -
  6. Just updated the list a little bit, if you know of any auctions that I haven't listed please let me know.
  7. I have never seen that many hurdy-gurdys in an auction before. There are some amazing guitars in that auction.
  8. Latest Vichy Encheres auction is up - massive selection of instruments (FRA) Vichy Encheres - May 1st (2021) - String and Wind Instruments -
  9. Here is Bow #5 that I have made - Some kind of 17th Century short bow (clip in frog). I just wanted to experiment a bit with beech. Everything was made in my bedroom as I have no workshop. Materials: Beech (Stick) Paduak (Frog) Weight: Somewhere around 30g (This is very very light even for a 17th century short bow) Length: 600mm Verdict: Well this was just an experiment with Beech to see if I could make a bow out of Beech dowel very quickly. The answer is yes, you can make a bow out of Beech dowel but it is very light and a bit jumpy. I will try and make ano
  10. I'm looking for a friend (or lover) for my bird head violin, but I don't think any of these are the right fit emotionally.
  11. Awesome, thanks so much for the heads-up. This is right up my street. I will add it to the auction list.