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  2. I met him once, he was a very nice man.
  3. A good sound for dancing after a few drinks
  4. Yep it has definitely had some varnish fun!
  5. Hi wonderful people, this is the last time for a while I will request identification help (I promise). I picked up this violin which has a very individual style and I was wondering what your thoughts are? I was thinking Eastern European, maybe Hungarian or Romanian. It has a label for the Czech maker Jaroslav Dvorak 1910 but I do not believe that label has anything to do with this instrument.
  6. Thanks @Blank facethis would explain the cobbled together nature of it where some bits seem quite tradey but professional and some bits are a bit dubious. I'll clean it up, get new strings and fit a new bridge and see how it goes.
  7. Interesting. It really is a bit odd, the purfling on top is real but very badly fitted. The back is inked on. The colour of the varnish and wood used for the back is throwing me off. From far away it's look quite nice
  8. The purfling lines on the top are terrible which is why I thought maybe an early Chinese workshop instrument or amateur work. The varnish colour is quite strong in the flesh, it reminds me of some other older Chinese instruments I've seen.
  9. Oh I forgot the corner pictures, I will add them now. Just added the bridge picture for interests sake.
  10. Not sure about this one, it's not that well made in places but the wood on the back is quite nice. The bridge is stamped H. W. Ratcliffe who appears to have been a violin maker in Lockwood, England around the 1960's. It seems like it has a little bit of age to it, my first thought was is this an earlier Chinese violin or Eastern European trade although the scroll fluting might point to very low end German?