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  1. I'm looking to purchase a Ancona violin. What are your advice on this.
  2. I don't stress my self on it. English is my second language and I do my best.. The importance is that a
  3. I'm going to bring it to get it look over. I will put new strings and make sure the keys are in good shape. And also that the sound post is at the right place. I'm not to worried about scratches and bad varnish. For me it's about the sound.
  4. Not sure what you mean with Madio fino
  5. Yes I understand. And I'm taking your advice.
  6. Thank you very much for the advice.
  7. Wow you're not too encouraging for someone that just staring off
  8. . It needs some little TLC haha . My father of 94 years old said that I should bring it to have new strings and have it look over. Basically a tune up. It plays ok sound okay. I'm just getting into playing violin fiddle. I bought this fiddle for 50 dollars cdn. Thanks for everyone for the info. Greatly appreciated
  9. Please see my updated photos. Any info on this violin is appreciated.
  10. Yes I have it in my possession. I will take photos and re submit it.
  11. That is fair. Because it seems that someone try to restore it and did a poorly job.
  12. Is the norm for this violin maker. Or you are going by the pictures.
  13. What make you determined that it's a cheap violin
  14. does anyone know anything about this violin
  15. This is the label inside do we know if it's a good violin and estimate on the value
  16. Hey guys can anyone tell me anything thing on this violin like age,value ,any info would be nice