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  1. from what I understand the pigment "Van Dyke Brown" was traditionally made with the Cassel earth, whereas "Van Dyke Crystals" are unrelated, made from walnut husks and still widely available (at the least the ones from Cornelissen are)
  2. I would agree that it is a chemical stain. I have observed some large unintentional drips and splatters of this stain under the original varnish on the exteriors of Vuillaume instruments, and in such concentrations it turns black. I have seen the same thing on the inside of his instruments too.
  3. The term Groß Geigen was first used in C16th German to describe viols.
  4. so basically the label is a load of old bollocks
  5. A fiddle is by definition a bowed instrument, the instrument in the fresco is plucked. Very different driver, but good luck anyway
  6. Venice 1770? What makes Francesco Griselini an authoritative source in regards to violin making?
  7. If you're interested there are also pictures of this viola (including side views) on Tarisio - they sold it in 2019
  8. If you compare those early pics to recent blacklight images of the Messiah all of the chips are still there - perhaps with a bit more dirt in them but not signs of proper retouch
  9. Considering that the bridge is still on this instrument your template is well off the centre line/long arch. Do you have an equivalent picture of the back?
  10. Your suggestion that Enrico Rocca was more connected to old Cremona ways than most of his contemporaries is questionable
  11. very nice, but I think you are using the "wrong" holes to glue the c bout ribs. What do you use the holes above and below the corner blocks for?
  12. I know, there are holes for the dowels on classical molds