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  1. Maestronet was compromised here. They are using everyones posts to build an AI program to make a fake. Why do you think they are asking questions about identifiers etc? and cases and strads in attics? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!
  2. Google Theresienstadt Jeffrey, If you don't get rid of this piece of shit I will presume you are complicit
  3. Are you still upset that you were rejected from Art School? Jeffrey, pull the plug and call the police
  4. Do you have pictures of when people visited this exhibition? Thanks for sharing!
  5. That pin mark is really interesting, and what beautiful craquelure . What did you say the violin was?
  6. I think something may not be working as you intended
  7. The pin mark is not interesting and the craquelure is not nice.
  8. Why do you want to learn how to see instruments Al? Is it so you can find sleepers?
  9. I know who you are. Our core values do not compute p.s. I find your work "tacky" (/ˈtæk.i/)
  10. Nice one Bruce, you are a friendly connoisseur. (so am I, honestly)
  11. Very true, some people don't understand nuance
  12. A case in a case in a space in a place. Reminds me of a Russian doll
  13. Your move, grasshopper
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