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  1. You were absolutely right, mass produced german fiddle that was probably sold by Jakob Krampera. It has a through neck, fake corner blocks, poorly carved top plate and bass bar. I cleaned everything, shimmed the neck, repositioned it, smoothened top plate and I’m putting all together, will make a new bridge and see how it sounds ! Jacob you can add this one to your list of Krampera’s trade fiddles :p
  2. If so, he was a lyer since he calls himself « instrumentenmacher »... thanks for your answer ! I must admit that it’s a bit of a disapointment though :p
  3. Does anybody knows about Jakob Krampera ? He was a violin maker in Znaim (now known as Znojmo, Czech Republic) in the middle of the 19th century. I own a violin from him, a 1841, that needs some work (open seams, neck reset, new bridge). I’m gonna repair it and set it up right to really test it but I wanted to know a little bit about him and the quality of his work. Thank you !