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  1. Thank you for linking this channel - looks like a great resource!
  2. Hi Doug, Thank you for the input. I know this is pretty in depth and more of a learning experience than anything - if it doesn't work out it's no great loss. As far as tools go, I will likely need to buy/make a number of things to complete the project. I do have some general basic woodworking tools I own, along with access to a community wood shop that I think will have a number of things I can use. I also plan on making clamps and potentially getting resourceful in making/modding as needed. No doubt there are going to be specialized holes to fill, but I don't mind spending a little money on things since this is a skill I'd like to work towards.
  3. Hey Brad, Thanks for the advice. You are dead on with the back center joint being depressed. I've heard using a very thin curved Japanese saw can be used to removce the button from the back of the neck. Thank you for all the info!
  4. Hello all! I was hoping to seek some advice from this community on an upcoming restoration attempt I will be beginning. As a long time violin player, I recently rescued a ca. 1920s-1930s German "factory violin" from the trash. I have always toyed with the idea of attempting to build a violin or guitar and this seems like an opportunity to get some "free" education and experience. I am aware that a violin such as this is essentially worthless and many professionals would say that it is not worth the time/money put into it, but I have the time and access to the tools to make me confident enough to attempt something like this and the learning experience alone would be worth it to me. My concerns regarding this instruments issues are the order of operations in which things might be approached. I've attached some images that display the many problems with this instrument, such as: -Split back plate -Warped ribs on the lower bouts and upper right bout area -Neck gap/detachment Would anyone have any advice on what to tackle first? I was thinking about removing the back plates first, planing and joining and trying to reattach the ribs correctly. After this I would remove the the front and reset that. Once the body is structurally back together, I would tackle the neck reset. Does this sound like a good approach? Am I in way to over my head? Any advice/comments/suggestions are appreciated! Thank you! Will Whaley - Rochester, NY
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