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  1. OP here. Thank you for your insights and opinions so far. It helps to know I'm not crazy that the tailpiece looks to be mis-sized, and the hobbyist level work is obvious to knowledgable people. It does make sense to ask for a lot of better pictures before committing to a trip to try it. I'll admit I find the idea of supporting local materials and the legacy of local craftspeople really attractive, but in the end it needs to sound good and help an intermediate-level child develop. It's really just a matter if I can gamble with this amount, and still have enough for a better "advancing stud
  2. Hi all, Background - I am the parent of 2 violin kids, with only 5 years of experience with string instruments, rented and purchased. I am looking to purchase a step-up violin for my child who is ready for a (better quality) 3/4. Bear with me! I do not live in an area with much beyond a chain music store. The local rentals are pretty ordinary beginner variety. The one or two good luthiers within striking distance do not carry fractionals. Therefore I am looking on-line (not ebay), mostly for something pre-loved. I ran across what reads like a possibility - a used 3/4 made by a reg
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