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  1. Hi Martin, that was my attempt to name/describe a sort of regional music, for which I don’t know the proper term. There is a modern Celtic group called Iona (and an island, community too of course). Im guessing it’s considered anything from traditional folk to new Irish? (If there is such a thing). I just looked them up on Wikipedia, which called them Progressive Celtic rock.The Iona band used modern band instruments, plus stringed instruments, uilleann pipes, low whistles, violin. Clannad and Eden’s bridge are others I think of, less punk/progressive. EB used sittern, whistles, bodhran, u pipes, woodwinds, guitars, mandys, and I don’t know what all else. Regarding violins: I’m very new, so please excuse my ineptitude. I am a church musician and we have started doing an occasional ‘Celtic’ sort of worship nights. The style or tone I’m looking for I think is dark, earthy at times, then sweet and soaring at times. Clear, maybe bell like... but not strident. Perhaps something that evokes ‘mystery’ and or ‘Haunting etherealness’ if that makes any sense at all. Of course I realize that an instrument played by one person can sound horrible, but in the hands of someone else, can be All together beautiful. At the moment I spend a lot of time listening to violins being played, trying to educate my ear as it were. As always, any correction, advise, Insights, questions are invited. I’m so new, I don’t wish to put myself forward. I am content to browse the forums learning thru everyone’s comments to others. thank you.
  2. And KP, (KeePfiddlin), if you are still around... thanks for the note on Royce Burt, he’s still doing work and some of his youtube things seem fantastic for traditional or bluegrass music. Maybe he’ll have something that will work for Celtic Iona style.... I’m going to contact him, see if he’d mind working with a newbie. He’s only 3 hours away from me. Side note: I’ve been lurking around the MN forums for a while, but didn’t join until this week. I read to learn - not wanting to post. The depth of knowledge here is amazing. Just want to say...Thank you.
  3. Thanks, Stephen, for the answer. I’ll google those names, see if any are closer to me. I’m in the east coast West Palm/jupiter region. I appreciate the help.
  4. I. Am. So. Laughing. Apparently, I should rethink my choice of violin for my next instrument... (ducking, looking for cover).
  5. To resurrect an old thread... anyone have updates on violin restorers and/or good violin shops in Florida? Sad to say, Scotty has passed away (anyone continuing his legacy?) and Jan over at GVille Violins is now retired- a Paul and his sister Adrianna are now owners of that shop. seems like all new stuff listed on the website. Not sure?? Anyone here know some FL options for old violins? (I’ve been looking for an old violin with a dark/warm, clear, balanced voiced violin for traditional folk and/or church music... ).