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  1. Here are some more pictures. I measured the top, tell me if you need specific measurements. The varnish (thank to Andreas) is actually nicer than it appeared. I just delicately clean a small part of the top with a soft wet cloth, quickly dried it. It looks much better ! So I took a picture of each corner. I put them in this order : Upper right, lower right, lower left, upper left. The upper right corner is quite different from the 3 others and corresponds to the rib that seems to have been changed (although the wood looks the same). Again, thanks so much for your help !
  2. Not sure. I would say it is the same mapple than the back, but I am not good enough to be sure.
  3. I am confused. The pictures I posted were named like "ASanSerafino03.jpg"... At this stage, and with your help, I have no idea if it is 17th or 18th century. All I know is it is quite old ! Also the wood, the 3 nails...
  4. Thanks for your help. As I said to Andreas, I will make pictures of each corner block in a way that they are more meaningful. I made all pictures myself. Except the inside details I took with an iPhone, the other one are hi-resolution 6000x4000, taken with a 400mm to avoid optical issues. The original are quite sharp, but Maestronet do not allow images bigger than 2 Mo. If this could help, I can send the original by we-transfer, or make better picture of selected part... I appreciate your help very much and I will make the pictures you need, of course !
  5. Thanks for your comments, Andreas. Yes, the varnish is quite dry, not very deep. I will try to clean it and make a picture with some light reflection. I will also measure it and make extra pictures of each corner block. Yes, there is a fifth peg hole which was later filled. Don't know if the fifth peg was there at first... I did not want to take the false label off at this time. All I can say for sure is that this label was already moved (there is a trace of glue under, with the same dent as the label).
  6. Thanks Jacob. However, if you look closely, these two are slightly different, and it is not due to a bad reproduction technique. I tried to find one looking like mine, with no success...
  7. Hello, I just aquired this violin in a very bad shape. The good new is that it has no worm and nothing is missing. I think it is Italian, late 17th or early 18th, but not sure. The peg box is very unusual, very Gragnani like, but it might not be original. There is an old, probably fake Sanctus Serafin label. Would someone be able to help me a little bit in my search ? A proper restoration will be quite expensive and I need to know if it is worth the expense. In advance, thank you !