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  1. Hi Kaman, I already graduated from school about 25 years... so I do not have any teacher right now : )
  2. Is it hard to get an old Italian violin under this buget? No one mentioned any Italian maker. What if I increase the buget to 50K, any recommendation for Italian makers?
  3. Thanks for all the information. I am in LA area. I don’t mind to go to NYC or Chicago or anywhere in US. Any recommendation for reputable dealers? Yes, I am considering the sound and authenticity.
  4. Hi Philip, I have already tried many instruments, but no one was very satisfied.How much did your colleague pay for her Collin-Mezin?
  5. Good 20th century makers? Or older? I wouldn’t prefer contemporary instruments. Can anyone give some recommendations of makers? Reputable Dealers? Many thanks!
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