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  1. The Cadenza Live app for IOS uses MMO recordings with AI to adjust speed, follow the player. Occasionally glitchy, when it works, my daughter loves it. They were giving a reasonable 3 month intro rate, gets pricey later. I think they sell to programs which have multiple teachers using it. Another AI app like this is MyPianist- same but piano only.
  2. My daughter has had luck with having access to a couple of famous pedagogues for masterclasses during COVID. But they have come through structures like online camps. She got to play for Midori through her local orchestra- Midori had a grant program, the orchestra applied and she did a series of things with the kids.....daughter was chosen for masterclass. So there has been more access, but not through "cold calling". I did reach out to an online pedagogue (big on instagram) who said she would take a lesson, but we have not followed up for the moment. I would agree with the thought t
  3. Potter


    My daughter has a loaner violin home while hers is in the shop. It's said to be a Thompson Brothers' from 1780s. It has a barely legible label. My question is about a small stamp like label near the maker label, image of older man, looks photographic.....(looks like a later addition) Just wondering what it might be? I don't want to post pics, as it's not ours, and we aren't planning to purchase. Just curious about this, and the makers in general. It's a nice sounding violin, but daughter prefers hers, we are not in the market. And this is substantially pricier.
  4. Apologies for my earlier post, inappropriate for this Forum. COVID grumpiness. I hope we can all look forward to a positive 2021.
  5. I would resist applying notions like "Divide et Imperia" to the current US Prez. Just one populist reactionary nationalist narcissist wanker happy to fuel the flames wherever he can for attention. There is nothing deeper than that- at least not between the current POTUS's ears.
  6. I think they around 70$ from our luthier
  7. Potter


    oh, Klaus Uebel bow which is fine, but likely will be looking at that before another violin.
  8. Just posted on another thread that my 12 year old likes them. We use a PI platinum E, which is silly expensive, but the whole sets are reasonably priced. The E for reasons someone else will need to explain seemed to open up the entire violin. We buy them from our luthier, glad to give them the business.
  9. Potter


    The violin, as I said has been great for her. It has great balance across the strings. She uses Rondo strings with PI platinum E. (this E string really made a difference, seemed to open up the G.) She started the Bruch later in the Spring and then COVID came. She is finishing 3rd movement. But during that time she has put together a mean Zigeunerwiesen and worked through most of a couple of partitas. And most of Kreutzer and started Don't etudes. And just started her first Paganini Caprice. We live very rurally, the upside of COVID is she had some access that might otherwise not have happened
  10. Potter


    The shop we bought hers from does not specialize in them, just the one of two that came to the top sound wise. We have been happy with it. It did seem there were levels of quality, someone supplied links where you could determine through labeling and pencil signatures on inside. The only part of our choice the name played into was helping resale if we could not find a violin at this shop through trade in and needed to sell it to get the next one. (If that is ever needed.) We did not pay what pre-1900 Collin-Mezins go for, no where close. It’s a really nice balanced bright to dark violin that
  11. In terms of strings, My daughter has been using Rondos, available through luthiers, we use a different E (which people do with lots of brand sets).
  12. Good luck! It’s been a education over the last 7 years or so to try to keep up with my daughter and what she needs to pursue her passion. The level of players at young age is remarkable. From what I have read (in the arts, not musician), a couple generations ago the Bruch Concerto would have been common for audition to top tier conservatories. Now it’s seen as ‘must do’ by 12 to be on a serious pre-college track. I have found, for a kid who is serious, having a great sounding and functioning fiddle is really worthwhile. The feedback loop between what she puts in and what comes out, how
  13. My daughter had tried a Christian Freidrick Ficker from about 1810, they said. It had a lovely sound. A deep groove worn down beside of the fingerboard, though.... Would be enlightening to know what kind of track the OP’s daughter is on. Not so crazy if she’s on a pre-college solo track.
  14. Buying from a large shop at least holds out the hope of finding her next violin there and getting the trade in.