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  1. Friends violin and bow, he just wanted info. Grandfathers that was just sitting around. graduated by Meeman, Beal and Holmberg Boston, MA no expectations or feelings to be hurt, he's just curious.
  2. Just saw this on IG, no knowledge or opinion about it. I was enjoying the listing of makers, so hope the names keep coming. Especially the young and affordable ones on the cusp of being discovered. (price-wise):). Not really in the market at the moment, but eventually the daughter will need a final violin. (final parental purchase, anyway.) She will play in front of a regional professional orchestra in a big hall next Spring- the conductor apparently suggested she borrow something for better projection.... Her current violin sounds great otherwise.
  3. I can't figure out a link, but just saw an IG post that said a new record for a living maker at auction was set by SVB Violins Baehr? 171.5K. Formerly owned by Isabelle Faust (she has a new one made by them- and a Strad.)
  4. FWIW. If folks are experimenting with Kaolin, just thought I would point out that it's a very broad term. If you visited a ceramic supplier there would be a range of kaolins with different properties, fineness, particle size. From domestic to English Grolleg... Calcined would behave very differently as it is fired, sintered..... Don't know anything about how it's being used here, but might be worth the investigation...
  5. My daughters is 1908 and has pencil. somehow I had picked up the idea all were, thanks for the correction!
  6. The hand written signature should be in pencil, at least in earlier ones...I think. Hard to tell from your pic....
  7. As a parent, they have provided the 13 yr old through her early years a cultural sense of importance and belonging with the violin. We live pretty rurally, none of her friends has any idea of what she does. I think their violins are by an American maker, but can't find the video right now.... So TwoSet's humor and accessibility have been useful and supportive, and I think that is true for a generation on violinists.
  8. Daughter played a violin by this maker, name seems suss but a couple sales on Tarisio. Just wondered if anyone had heard of this maker and his violins.
  9. Potter

    cold violin

    It seems fine. Thanks all. Scattered parental syndrome- play practice dinner violin and a work deadline......I guess this violin has made it through 113 years probably not a first for it.:)
  10. Potter

    cold violin

    Just discovered daughters violin was left by accident in quite cold last night. Still in case- We have not opened the case to let it come to temp more slowly. Any other advice and what are the risks.......
  11. Certainly during COVID she has been incredibly active, working with youth orchestras across the US. My daughter was able to play with her and for her, an amazing experience and opportunity! She's an incredible humanitarian along with her obvious musical gifts.
  12. She played with the New Mexico Phil last weekend..
  13. It seems like SHAR would have some services? Or be able to recommend someone in the area?
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