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  1. I’m glad we have our system, too.The point was I am not sure the guy in the White House shares those values.
  2. Turn on your radio, there goes Grandma.
  3. Because “our fearless leader” often resorts to jingoistism, nationalism, and racism. He is less interested in who is responsible than winding up his people and ascribing responsibility to anyone but himself for anything. My view of the guy is he would prefer our government to be more like China. Pesky elections, Congress, judiciary. When his base gets riled enough they won’t be parsing the government of China versus the people of China versus Chinese people.
  4. No propagandists in our current administration.
  5. Thanks about the daughter. We are not religious but do feel very blessed. Very, Very lucky to be raising her. American corporations have been pumping chickens and pigs with antibiotics for decades. When the big resistant infection comes on hope you’ll be happy with the disease being named after Tyson, Cargill, Topeka, or Indianapolis.
  6. Was agreeing with you. They called the 1918 flu Spanish rather than American. And I don’t think anyone would call Ebola African. Human diseases. Lots of mistakes made in the USA with the AIDS virus, and now this one. And yes many issues with the China handled it but it is a human problem, likely to pop up regardless of geography or politics. Life will find a way- including viruses. For all their bad actions, the Chinese people made huge sacrifices that likely bought us time. Time that Trump threw in the trash can. l still think anyone would be happy with their national or city being labeled.
  7. 1918 properly Kansas virus, American virus? Ebola African virus?
  8. While I hold no affection and agree with your view of the Chinese government, I don’t trust a good segment of the country to have the intellectual capacity to distinguish between that government, the people, the race. Before school, shut down my 11 year old ethnically Chinese daughter was already hearing comments. Along with the imbecile in the White House calling it the “Chinese Virus” So dangerous ground for our love ones, I think? The guy in charge on Twitter today suggesting at some point we may need to throw Grandma under the bus to save the economy.
  9. Potter


    She is currently favoring a Kalisz Uebel bow. Its changed a couple times, though.:)
  10. Potter


    So, as an overview- we played upwards of 40 violins at two reputable dealers in the 6-10k range. Three adult violinists, two teachers and a professor /conductor put two violins at the top. The old German with relatively deep grooves worn along its fingerboard, and a soundpost repair. And the CM. The CM was judged to have much better projection. And we have a marketable fiddle at a two or more thousand dollars less than I see them retail on line. And it’s at a dealer who will give us 100% trade in, as they did with the Mittenwald 3/4. Repeating myself, any notion of the name or even value of the violin is about my daughter wanting to change dealers and lose the trade in. Where that might leave us. My daughter turned 11 last month and will start the Bruch after the holidays, so if she stays at it, this may very well be an issue. so as a whole, without spending 6 months traveling around the country, I feel pretty good about it.
  11. Potter


    In my neighborhood you would likely get a Mozart who or Partita what. So not much name dropping possibilities in my daily life:). Its been an interesting education and helped affirm a difficult purchase in an area I have limited knowledge. And my daughter is very happy with where we ended up! And the dad feels he will have marketable violin when and if she needs more in the future.
  12. Potter


    Thanks, great to know.
  13. Potter


    We brought home some bows already. She is liking a Sebastian Dirr.