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  1. It's true that it has a big condition issue: a soundpost crack on the back. That devaluates a lot the instrument, but still seems to be reasonable to me. I saw some real Testores at Brompton's in March in much worse condition and estimates more than 3 times higher...
  2. That same cello was for sale in March with a higher minimum (50k, if I'm not wrong). I don't find it that expensive now, if you could get it on the lower end of the estimate.
  3. It was a Benjamin Banks, I also tried it in October and March, and was not sold. It was removed from the listings because it will probably be included in another sale, I guess. It was between two and three times more expensive, but condition was great - plenty of original varnish, and nearly no cracks at all. It had a terrible set-up (old Jargar strings, bent bridge), but I think it had a lot of potential.
  4. The catalogue was online yesterday for a while - maybe 30 minutes. In any case, it was rather strange: no lot numbers, very few items... I just looked at the cellos, there were only two, but one of them was a very beautiful Testore.