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  1. Yeah, that sounds about right for a great many families, unfortunately. I think you captured it succinctly. I admit I bought a Cecilio 300 cello from Amazon about a year ago to mess around on. Full disclosure...I knew EXACTLY what I was getting. It looks nice, but defiencies in construction are clear once you get closer. Close examination, even to a total novice like I am, reveals where shortcuts were taken. I imagine in the hands of a cellist, the real problems become evident. It does look nice in the music room on a stand, though. The bow is really bad; it is wood. When I took up the violin 3 years ago, the luthier I went to advised that he does not deal with Amazon or eBay instruments and does not work with local school programs. His idea of a beginner instrument is something out of the eastern Europe factories, and that's what I rented from him.
  2. I use my luthier to get strings and have him put them on. He's a thirty something maker, one man operation and I like the idea of supporting his business. So I do.
  3. Hi Blank face, I had intended to follow this up and then promptly forgot. Your assessment that the fittings are silver? Spot on. I swiped a silver polishing cloth from daughter's flute case and tried it on the streaks you thought were tarnish. They were. After 10 minutes of gentle polishing, the fittings gleam. I'm not sure if the metal winding of the grip is silver wire or not as there were no obvious streaks that I could rub. And I think I already mentioned that my luthier thought it was German, so the folks that called German agree with my luthier. You guys are good for just looking at a few photos online. You mentioned you'd seen other bows like mine? As a data point, mine is quite light, very flexible, and feels delicate and nimble when I play.
  4. I'm jealous of the OP and other folks that are coming back to the violin after a break. I started from absolute zero (no musical experience at all) at age 43 and just passed the three year point. The hardest lesson was the first; I'm thankful that my teacher is a bit older than me. It took about a month to get past the shaky bow phenomena. I admit I still feel a bit awkward walking into her home studio and there's a parent there that's younger than I am. I recently tried a community orchestra, but the music was simply over my head. It also revealed a shortcoming that I'll need to solve...my violin education has been 100% practical, zero theory. Which means I'm lost on terminology and other things that folks that benefited from school music and band training take for granted. So my next step will be an adult string ensemble class at a local music school. I've gotten completely over the nerves of playing in front of others, a plus. One of the nice side benefits of starting this journey is how much it buoys my spirits while I'm at work and looking forward to practicing and lessons. Also, I find whatever piece I'm working on will spontaneously play in my head while I'm in the office.
  5. You can see the crack in mine here.
  6. I'm not qualified to answer, but I will tell you that my bow has a repaired head crack. My luthier showed it to me before he sold it to me after I fell in love with the bow. His assessment was that the head crack repair was solid but it knocked at lot of value from the bow, more than half, reflected in what I paid him.
  7. Hey, I can be sad about it if I want to .
  8. Thanks for the replies all. Sounds like a split of opinions. I wouldn't try to touch it up myself, I'll see what my luthier suggests. Perhaps just a subtle fix.
  9. Yep. Here you go. I'm sad just looking at it....
  10. I'll see what my luthier thinks when I see him in a few months. He's done some serious instrument reconstruction. At some point in the past, a prior owner took out a chunk of wood above a rib joint. It appears to have been gently smoothed and darkened, but not stained or filled. My little ding pales in comparison, it's just noticeable because it's so light and fresh. I handle it with kid gloves, so my moment of carelessness really bugs me.
  11. So I managed to put a small nick on the edge of the top plate of my violin last night when I bumped my stand. Just enough to expose the nonstained wood. It's about the size of this 'S' if you're reading on a mobile device. It wouldn't be noticeable if it were a light stain, but it's dark. It bugs me because I can see it. My violin is the one I posted on here a few months ago; Mirecourt workshop, Derazey ink stamp, maybe made around 1900 give or take a decade. Do you guys ever suggest having a luthier do a bit of touch up, or just let it be etched into the history of the instrument?
  12. Reading sheet music is fine. Learning by ear is a skill I don't think I possess.
  13. Thank you for the encouragement. I agree with the phrasing and rhythm comments, lots of work needed. One of the hard parts about learning as an adult is not having a benchmark against which I can guage myself. My kids have classmates, county and regional bands to audition against, etc. that allows them to compare against peers. I only have my teacher as an external party for feedback and I often wonder if my progress is typical, slow, etc.
  14. I had briefly introduced myself in another poster's thread, but I thought I'd start a new one to show how my violin journey has gone over the last 3 years. I have no musical background at all. Watching my kids learn to play flute and sax respectively is what motivated me to take a leap of faith and try learning violin. I began in Dec 2016, first lessons in Jan 2017 and have been taking them weekly ever since. I play / practice an hour a day. And here's an audio sampling of what I've been able to do in 3 years (ignore the weak vibrato attempt at the end of the second file). First recording was 6 weeks after I started. The other two are from this month. I'm jealous of the talented strings players here who started as kids! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfd6R6vq7rHHVK2ctX3bMiA_TrxrzcO3/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/10z3uBjGBkPftEYaVGWiwZ7wmIvy7uega/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ymqk2uduw2jcOZJlxZWHs9Dom8s7sgN/view?usp=drivesdk
  15. Hello, I'm new to this site having only first come to the Pegbox about 2 months ago when seeking input on my recently acquired violin. I'm 46 and began playing almost exactly 3 years ago. I have no musical experience at all and am an engineer by profession. I take lessons weekly and play an hour daily, sometimes a bit more, no matter what. I was inspired to learn while watching my kids learn their instruments. I regret not starting sooner, but not am not sure I would have had the motivation that I do now. My goal is to play at an OK level in a community / amateur orchestra at some point.