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  1. This has been an interesting read for me, thanks to all that have replied. For what it's worth, the bow plays and feels a bit on the heavy side and is certainly less flexible than my regular bow. This probably doesn't help much for identification, but it feels...I don't know, solid and blocky. This isn't a negative description, just my impression. Also, the space for my ring finger in the frog is quite limited. Not a bad thing, just how it is.
  2. Following the other thread, this bow is labeled Adolf C Schuster. This one plays ok for me as well, but still not as well as my normal bow.
  3. All good stuff, thanks. I'll post a photo of another bow he put into box to try out.
  4. My regular bow is being rehaired and I'm trying a few different bows for fun until it's finished. My luthier sent me home with 6 to try out but, as he often doesn't, didn't tell me anything about them. I've taken a liking to the one I've attached photos of, stamped Garner Wilson. Anyone care to take a look at the photos and comment?
  5. Most of the effective hand sanitizers on the market are going to contain either ethanol (the stuff we drink) or isopropanol. Some apparently have methanol. All of them are solvents. All are effective at sanitization. Keep them away from finished wood.
  6. What would cause the label to just peel off and tear like that?
  7. Since there was another thread on Romanian violins, this is the student violin I began with. Not much info out there, but I'm assuming it's just a manufacturing shop in Reghin.
  8. I went back and listened to some of my own recordings at 16 months. Let me be clear, I am NOT qualified to give advice...but to my ear, our sound is quite similar at the 16 month mark. You commented on my 3.5 year recording so you know what I sound like right now. I haven't had any aha moments during this time and for me, there has not been any one thing that I fixed or did to improve my sound. I really think it's been constant feedback between my ear, brain, and fingers and almost subconscious adjustments bringing incremental improvement over the last 3.5 years. It's only when I listen to recordings with larger time gaps that I hear real improvement. I guess one thing that has changed is that I'm finding more subtle resonances on different notes. I'll never forget the first time I made my violin ring, I actually thought I was doing something wrong. I was playing D above the open D and the lightbulb went off. In any case, at 16 months I think we sound quite, quite similar.
  9. I know I'm resurrecting an old thread, and honestly, I didn't think I'd find anything when I searched for violin smell. But here we are. I acquired my violin back in November, which means I'm just now playing it in warm and more humid weather. Another thread here discusses its likely age, but reasonable to say 100 years old, so it's changed hands. And I'm picking up a distinct smell...a mix of 'old' and a vague, subtle, but not offensive, perfume or cologne. It comes and goes. At first I thought I was imagining it but I don't think I am. And based on this old thread, it would seem this is not unusual. Learn something new every day.
  10. Twosetviolin roasted those fakers. There was also another vid where a faker was faking and a guy came behind him and lifted his bow as the music just kept playing.
  11. I want to preface my question by letting everyone know I'm quite inexperienced at violin, only playing for three and a half years. My question has to do with E strings and the occasional squeak. I play Evah Pirazzi strings and change them every 6 months. I've tried a few different brands but settled on Evahs. I forget why, but went with the gold wound E string at some point. My last set of strings had the silver wound E (by mistake) and I've had consistent issues with squeaking the E. Now, I will certainly accept that it may be (probably is) improper bowing. It ONLY happens when I transition from the A to the E on a down bow. And it almost feels like it's catching. Long story short, I just put on a gold wound Evah E today. No instances of squeaks and it feels smoother. Is this all psychological? Or would the winding material behave differently?
  12. When I asked for thoughts on learning violin as an adult, lots of folks suggested something easier, guitar, sax, piano, etc. Glad I didn't listen. I'm at 3.5 years and I really do practice 1 hour per day plus weekly lessons. Best decision I could have made.
  13. I see my post is following another thread started by an adult new to the violin. I've hit the 3.5 year milestone. Regardless of anything else, I will say I do like how my violin sounds. Only 3.5 years to play a fiddle tune, Turkey in the Straw. I'm not cranking it out like some folks I've heard and seen, but I'm proud of what I've learned to do thus far. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14SiDvjuay8S6x_fSfeD8XX8-Lzb7QQCm/view?usp=drivesdk
  14. Hmm...I often catch myself gently swaying if I'm playing a piece I know reasonably well and the music allows for it. I never paid much attention to whether it's opposite of bowing direction. My teacher remains fairly stationary, though I've never seen her REALLY play before.