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  1. Developing a business relationship with a luthier, especially a one person show, is a great way to eventually be able to trial a number of better instruments and bows.
  2. You probably know this, but self teaching isn’t really the best way forward. A teacher will guide you on proper technique for holding the bow, holding the violin, and posture & movement. You do not want to learn bad habits that must be undone. As you and I are nearly the same age, I will caution you on the risk of overdoing it early. During the first year I practiced at least 90 minutes a day every day. After six months I began to develop tendonitis in my left wrist. I had to take a break for a few weeks and then go easy when I restarted. In time it went away. I also developed pain in my little finger trying to stretch for those notes that require the fourth finger. It took me FIVE years before the little finger developed enough strength to play and stretch adequately. This is the disadvantage of starting late. On the other hand, starting late means you really want to learn, you’re not being forced…that goes a long way to sustain you. Good Luck! Post updates!
  3. Hi. I’m 49 and started playing six years ago, so sort of a similar situation. I had no musical background either. First, don’t buy a cheap violin from China off Amazon. Just don’t. Second, rent. Go to a luthier and rent a nicer violin that may sell for 500 to 1000 Euro. Learn to play on that for a year and if you think you’ll continue you will have a better idea of what student level instruments appeal and which ones are worthless. As a beginner, you will simply not have the ability to tell the difference between student and intermediate violins. At least a year with daily practice before things start to sound different when you play them. And at that point you’ll know if you intend to continue.
  4. The link near the bottom goes to the actual abstract with a lot more detail, but the conclusion is the same…nobody is certain as to what he actually did. Which begs the question, did Stradivari fully understand what he was doing or did he just like the color?
  5. By the way, to my eye it always looked like mine had a lot of ink or it was smeared a tad upon stamping. I’m probably wrong but it just looks like it was applied sloppily.
  6. Here you are: You suggested in that thread as well Mangenot. I could just never find any violins that had a stamp that looked exactly like mine, the Tarisio one was the first. Not disputing your conclusion, just posting up the stamps because it was the first one I saw that looked nearly identical. Here’s the Tarisio instrument with the stamp I posted: https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=87625
  7. Hello everyone, I’ve shared photos of my violin on here in the past including of J Derazey stamp inside. The consensus of those that commented was that my violin was probably Mirecourt. I did a little sleuthing around the Tarisio website and found photos of a violin they sold as a J Derazey dated to 1880. I’ve seen the Derazey stamps on a few other violins I found online but there always seem to be slight differences in the letters compared to mine. This stamp, however, looks to be almost identical. My violin is the one where you can see the sound post, the other is the one Tarisio sold I guess what I’m wondering is, is the similarity as much as I think it is and…does it allow me to put the date of my violin close to the Tarisio one? Granted, I don’t know how Tarisio dated theirs so I’m just assuming their date is valid. Thanks!
  8. I guess I’d just caution that a bow that works for your teacher may not work for you and vice versa. My teacher would never tell me not to get a bow because she didn’t like it. Her advice has always been, go with your gut…if it plays well in your hand it’s likely a good choice. Good luck
  9. Funny. My composite weighs about the same, 67 grams. I’ve found the heavier bow does, for me, make playing double stops a bit easier. But my wood bow is a very nimble 54 grams. I barely notice it’s there in comparison. My sole bit of advice is don’t compromise on comfort and fit of your fingers into the frog. If it bothers you it bothers you and you’re going to start resenting it over time.
  10. Hi MP, I’m an adult beginner with no musical background. I’ve been playing for almost six years now. My first bow was a composite JonPaul of some sort that I got used as a kit from my luthier. Bows are bows, right? At some point I realized it was composite and not wood and I decided I’d prefer wood for the simple reason that I wanted a wood bow. My luthier let me try out a bunch of different bows on trial. I realized that some were more comfortable than others. At this point I’d been playing for about two years. I didn’t love any of them. Then when I returned a little while later and had my bow rehaired, he gave me a wooden bow as a loaner. It felt perfect in my hand immediately. Light, balanced, and just fantastic. The frog has the perfect gap size for my finger size. I bought it and I have not used my old bow since, that was four years ago. Since then I’ve learned that my bow is a bit flexy and can get whippy if I dig in. I wouldn’t have understood this four years ago. I’ve also learned that this bow communicates a lot back to my hand when I’m really in tune, again…this meant nothing to me four years ago. Bottom line, I think the answer is try a lot of them. What feels right feels right for a reason. In time and with experience you’ll figure out if the bow performs as you want. But I’m of the opinion that one plays better when one is comfortable, so the bow should feel comfortable. Most here have more experience than me and I value their input, but these are my thoughts.
  11. I was wondering what the experience is of members here who record themselves playing and then compare to what they heard under their ear. I occasionally record myself on my iPhone to see how things sound. What I’ve found is that on a recording, my playing sounds warmer with less scratches. In many ways I think it sounds better than what I heard under my ear, though some of the subtle harmonics do seem to get lost. Which had me wondering…what would a listener hear when I play? What I hear? What the recording sounds like? Or neither?
  12. Martin, I’m sure I have the terminology wrong. I’m referring to the horizontal crack that you’re likely referring to. My luthier pointed it out before he sold it to me, I’d never have seen it otherwise. Same luthier thought this was a German bow but assured me it was not a Dodd as stamped.
  13. I bought my bow knowing there was a head break… it just felt too perfectly balanced and matched to my hand size to pass up. Don’t know if this counts as a good or bad repair.
  14. I’ve shared on here that I took up violin as an adult about 5.5 years ago…no prior music experience. It can feel like a slog at times when the progress isn’t apparent even though I take weekly lessons. One of my kids recently decided to have a go at piano as a second instrument for fun. We picked up a full size electric keyboard for pretty cheap so she could practice. I’ve never sat at a piano or keyboard before and I had to Google middle C to find it. I guess I never really considered that I’ve actually learned to read music but I have (a pretty bid deal to me, music was always a mystery before I started violin). After digging out some simple music in C major and maybe an hour of getting familiar with keys I was reading and playing (improperly) Chim Chim Cheree and other, similar simple tunes. Awesome! I didn’t realize how intuitive the piano could be…or how much I’ve really learned to do the last five years.
  15. You’ve posted a ton of ID requests of violins I’m guessing you got for cheap under the guise of “knowing” they’re cheap. But Is the unspoken hope that you’ll stumble into a $50 instrument that turns out to be the next attic treasure worth real money? Because that’s the vibe I get reading all of these.
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