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  1. No eye rolls from me. I was having trouble with a piece with a different time signature than I’m used to and couldn’t play it for the life of me. After two weeks of no joy, I woke up one morning last month and heard the piece playing in my head and I KNEW I’d be able to play it. And I did. First try.
  2. Thanks for all the good replies. My teacher and I were chatting about use of fourth finger versus open string and we agreed it’s better for me to play in a manner that makes sense and does not cause injury. As this endeavor is one of of enrichment and personal enjoyment, and not a career choice, I think this approach is just fine. We played some lovely duets at my last lesson...and nice music is the goal.
  3. Yes, I take weekly lessons with the same teacher since I started. She has stressed the importance of staying relaxed and teaches both kids and adults (meaning I’m not her only adult student). My particular issues seems to be second finger down, stretching with the fourth. It did take two years before I developed enough strength to play those E flats comfortably, so it may be a matter of continuing to be patient with myself. About six months after I started I had serious wrist discomfort. I took a four week break, restarted, and wasn’t troubled with that issue since. So it ma
  4. I’ve been playing the violin for just over four years now. I play and practice every day. I’m 47 now. I’m learning that there are limits to what my left hand fingers will permit before I experience pain or injury. I imagine I have gained some strength and flexibility since I started and perhaps I’ll gain more. But I’m wondering, do those that start at an early age have an advantage in finger flexibility, or are some people simply limited by their anatomy irregardless of age they began?
  5. I have a Bobelok case but don’t travel with it. Biggest thing for me was ergonomics of unlatching and unzipping the case and enough room for the shoulder rest.
  6. Thank you! Though I do prefer when it’s green and the birds are singing.
  7. My daughter asked if this meant it would show up two days late. Ouch.
  8. Ha. No, it was an Iranian accent that came with my partial differential equations class. But thermo....yeah, Indian.
  9. I'm certainly not qualified to give advice; I've only been playing four years and have no prior musical background. But from what I remember of your earlier recording that you posted, it sure seems like your intonation has improved a lot. Sounds like some nice progress to my ears.
  10. That takes some practice, yes. I work for a multinational and have many Indian colleagues....both here in the US and India proper. After awhile, understanding English with a thick Indian accent becomes easier than you may think.
  11. I take weekly lessons and have been with the same teacher since I embarked on this journey just over 4 years ago. The last year or so, I have felt like I'm self directing lessons a bit. When I mentioned this to her, she informed me that my chosen pedagogical material is sound and so she felt no need to change what I'm working on. All that said, I doubt I'd be where I am without her instruction. It often feels like she's passive, but the results say otherwise.
  12. I watched it live. Not a Sebelius fan but the performance was good. They had 75,000 people watching. That's a stadium concert.
  13. I posted another recording a little while ago, but wanted to share this one as well. At my first lesson of 2021 I asked my teacher for two things to focus on this year, the start of my 5th year playing. She told me vibrato and more complete use of the bow is what she'd like to see from me. If you choose to listen, you'll hear a very tentative and immature vibrato. But, my teacher has said she's happy with the mechanics I'm using. I love this piece. I had it played at our wedding. My wife isn't a Classical fan so I got to pick all the music. Feedback and constructive cri
  14. American mass produced beer sucks. There's a massive craft US beer industry that has exceptional offerings that are among the very best. I will concede, however, that Franziskaner and Wiehenstephaner weissbier is unmatched.