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  1. Without knowing the first thing about the luthier business, I’ll just add that I suspect cost is greatly dependent upon location. What I paid to get a seam closed is not what somebody in NYC would pay for the same.
  2. If it helps the discussion, here are some scroll photos of my ‘J Derazey’ which folks here believe is a Mirecourt instrument.
  3. Here’s the lower corner block of mine against which the OP has been comparing…
  4. I know what I paid three years ago which was almost certainly too much, but I absolutely loved how it played and sounded as soon as I picked it up…so I bought it based on knowing immediately it was the right instrument. I ended up trialling it for about six weeks before committing to buy.
  5. I just meant if you hold it on its side, the edges of the scroll funnel down to the eye of the scroll, it’s not flat. Yours may be the same, it looked different but maybe that’s the light. Again, I don’t know anything about identification so you should probably ignore what I said.
  6. I think this seam suggests the top of mine is two pieces?
  7. Not obvious from the first set of my own photos is how much the scroll pinches in, that probably means nothing but the OP scroll looks flatter based on the photo…again, I don’t know the first thing about identifying instruments and maybe his photo is misleading.
  8. The other violin, the one that the OP is comparing to, is mine. I’d be happy to take any additional (better) photos of it if it would be helpful to this discussion.
  9. I had a mystery sound develop on the G and went to my luthier for help. He asked me to play, heard it, looked at the violin, and determined the cause to be the G string rubbing up against the side of the pegbox. He rewound the string, handed it back to me, and it was gone. So maybe check to make sure strings are away from the pegbox walls?
  10. I’m not nearly good enough to justify an amazing instrument, my current violin is sufficiently awesome for my abilities. I would, however, commission a new violin from my luthier using the very best wood he has or can get. He’s a local guy with a good local reputation and I’d love to toss him that piece of business.
  11. Thank you for the kind replies, I admit I was hoping to hear a few from those here who can really play well. It’s nice to hear validation from somebody besides my teacher, who always insists I’m doing great regardless of what I may think. Funny thing about hearing my recordings, the lower strings sound better on playback than they do under my ear (sort of rough sounding when I play) but the e string, which I think sounds good under my ear, comes across to me as the least pleasing. For sources of Irish fiddle music, I admit I just do Amazon searches for published collections that appear technically approachable.
  12. This week I officially hit the five year anniversary of walking into a luthier’s shop and getting my first violin after deciding I’d like to learn to play. I’m proud of what I managed to learn given that I have zero musical background. But I do have to ward off feelings of, well, feeling like I should be a lot better than I am at this point. I’m jealous of the life long violinists who, by the time they’re in their forties, have been playing for forty years. Oh well. Here’s a recording I made of an Irish tune, I’ve been playing a lot of them lately. They’re fun. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10c-Le8cSJcfxrj1Nf-wJkYZtiK6y0nVs/view?usp=drivesdk
  13. I listen to crappy 80s music because it brings back fond memories of growing up during that time period. I listen to Zeppelin because they are the greatest band ever. And I listen to “classical” because it’s simply wonderful music.
  14. I agree with the idea of making it an event. Nicely wrapped, bow shaped box with a note that explains that…given how a bow is a personal selection, you’ll be taking her out for a nice afternoon of bow shopping.
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