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  1. Has anyone tried waterproofing/rainproofing a canvas cover violin case with wax like a waxed Barbour(if you're from the UK) or Filson (if you're from America) jacket? If not, are there any major repercussions that I haven't realised yet? Otherwise, it seems like a pretty decent idea worth trying.
  2. I've seen the T2 Tarisio website but I'm in the UK so I don't really want to try and bid on something on the other side of the world and get charged all sorts of weird auction charges, I can probably manage import charges. How much do they typically go for on T2? In the UK I've seen a few sold ones on eBay, one on Tarisio UK last month (not the model I want) and on another large-ish UK auction site. All of them were way below $1000usd and in very good condition. Seems like demand is much higher in the US judging by what you're saying. Also yes I've seen Timms cases and they're really nice, but if I can bag a Gordge for the prices that I've seen in the UK, then I'll probably save a bit. I'm planning to keep searching until the end of this year and if I don't fine one, then I'll order a Timms .
  3. I am interested in buying used Gordge single and double violin cases, preferably ones that have loops for straps. If anyone has one in useable condition (no cracked shells, I don't mind worn out covers) and is open to selling it for a reasonable price, do let me know please. Thanks!
  4. Is that dealer in Surrey or London? Could you PM me who the dealer is, just to see if I've been to their shop before?
  5. I don't think I'd ever buy a violin or bow for a huge sum of money through an online auction without trying it out in person, but I came across this violin https://www.bishopandmillerauctions.co.uk/lot/musicnov2019/406 and what is supposedly a Dodd bow https://www.willinghamauctions.com/sales/specialist-sales/091119/lot/1143. It's hard to tell if the Degani Giulio violin is legit or not, and I wouldn't actually know even if I could see it in person, but considering it comes in a pretty solid looking case and not your average cheap old shaped case, I'd be willing to bet it's genuine, if anyone in the UK wants it. I'm also just wondering if it's possible to tell if it's a genuine Dodd bow or not because if it doesn't go above £200, I'd consider risking it as even if it's a fake, it can't be so terrible as to not even be worth £200.
  6. Since posting this last week, I did manage to make time to visit my luthier to get my bow rehaired and he offered to close the seam below the button for free as well as put a drop of glue in the tiny crack. Another luthier tried to charge me the equivalent of $100 in £ when I phoned him up for a quote, which was why I initially made the post because I could just save that $100 and get a different violin that I'm content with. Hopefully this fixes the tonal loss as you say, at least it will fix the annoying buzzing sound, but I'm not totally convinced it will brighten the sound that much. Annoyingly, my luthier appraised it at pretty much what I paid for it, if not lower, so I'm probably going to go back to the shop I bought it from to see if they are interested in buying it back or something, before it gets appraised it for any lower. I made another post asking about contemporary violins and I've now sort of made my mind up to buy a different instrument, but thanks for your reply anyway - it's still interesting to see what other people can make of this unlabelled violin.
  7. Yep, I was watching Tarisio for that Gordge but didn't really think to check the instruments when the auction was live.. There were a couple of recently made Italian ones which looked really nice and were within my budget, if not slightly over. I'm assuming they're only that cheap because they don't sound that good, or the maker is an apprentice (not a problem for me) ? I don't really understand why the market value is so much lower than the price that makers charge that all seem to be well over 10k. The Amati auction isn't near where I live so unfortunately I cannot visit, I'm no luthier but most of them look like they need to be repaired or something.
  8. My current violin is unlabelled (I made a post earlier with photos asking for ID) but the dealer I bought it from roughly guessed it was German. I made an ID post just to see if luthiers from abroad could make something else of it. I'm not under the impression that "high grade" Chinese instruments in the UK are really a thing - I've seen some Chinese instruments in the '000s on the JPGuivier and some other London dealer's websites, but in local dealers, most made in China (or other Asian) instruments are Stentor, Primavera, or Hidersine, which aren't very highly regarded, but I don't think that's the sort of Chinese instrument you're talking about.
  9. Oh right I didn't know that was a thing. I also contacted a relatively new maker in Cremona and was quoted 15k. I read on some old threads that you could get a new Italian violin for well under 10k so I didn't really understand why a maker who's recently opened a workshop would have such high prices for their violins, but I'm assuming it's to do with the EU labour law as you say.
  10. That's not actually a bad idea. I've been following Tarisio auctions for some months now in search of a Gordge case in a rather specific colour scheme and model variant (so probably going to be looking for a very long time), but I hadn't really considered buying a violin at auction because I assumed most of them would sell for way above my budget, seeing as a buyer's premium is also included. I've just checked the Tarisio calendar and annoyingly I'm never around for any of their auction dates. Do you know off the top of your head if Gardiner Houlgate or Amati regularly have contemporary violins? From what I've briefly seen, GH and Amati don't seem to be as good as Tarisio in terms of listing description etc.
  11. I'm thinking of selling my violin that I've played for the past 6-7 years and replace it with perhaps a violin made by a living violin maker in Europe. My budget's pretty tight at about £3000, and ideally I'd like an Italian one because I think they look the best on average, but I guess when my budgets not even 5 figures, beggars can't be choosers. I would be very grateful if people could suggest any contemporary makers in Europe (for ease of travelling from the UK) who have violins for sale or commission violins for around £3000. Thanks.
  12. Hi, this is my full size violin that I've been playing for 7 years and since purchasing it at a small luthier in England for a 4 figure sum, I have never had it serviced or checked up as I'm just a student so didn't see the point in doing any of that. I've only played orchestral music for the past 4 years so my non-orchestral playing standard has dropped a lot so I don't think I could give an accurate description of the sound as I don't really have a repertoire, and I haven't played on many other violins recently to be able to give a decent comparison. When I got it 7 years ago, I was under the impression that it produced a more mellow and rich sound than the other violins in the shop which produced a clear and piercing sound. I've attached photos of it and I was just wondering what other people could make of it in terms of its age, provenance, and if it's possible to roughly appraise a violin from photos, then its value? It's unlabelled and the luthier who I bought it from said he assumed it's German made from 1800-1900 but had never had it properly identified. The violin does look genuinely oldish but the (unremovable) grime on the corners seems like fake antiquing to me, perhaps to hide the fact that the purfling isn't that good? The bridge has "V.Andreatta" on it which I assume is either some sort of fake Italian sounding name or the name of the luthier that made the bridge and last serviced the violin? I couldn't find anything online. There are also these random black splotches on the top of the body below the fingerboard, maybe an accidental drop varnish that was just left to dry? Strings have been replaced numerous times since, I think it had Dominants when I got it, obviously not original. It also used to have 4 Wittner fine tuners, which I understand can be a sign that it isn't that expensive, but the tuners seemed pretty new so they might have been installed by the luthier I bought it from or something. Sorry if this all sounds demanding but I'm really indecisive right now and I'm just considering whether to sell it or not because I don't feel as attached to the sound anymore, I'm slowly noticing signs of not so great workmanship, and there is a slight crack where the button is (it was there when I bought it) and the seam below it appears to have opened up a bit? I would go to a luthier to get it repaired or professionally appraised and sold, but I don't have the time at the moment and if it's no longer worth as much as my parents paid for it, then I'd rather sell it than repair it. Also I'm slightly paranoid that a luthier might over-appraise it and hence, encourage me to pay for the repair. Any replies regarding the question or general advice/critique about my posting technique will be much appreciated. Thank you!