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    Blanchard Fake?

    I bought a cello a couple years back labeled as a Blanchard from 1897. The label reads "Fait dans l'Atlier De P.Blanchard Lyon 1897", which some people say is a fake label. There is also a lot of very sloppy glue work on the cello; beneath the fingerboard there are glue marks and it looks as if there was a very poor neck reset job done, along with some poor varnish application in areas. The place I bought it from went out of business about a month after I bought this cello and I'm thinking that I was ripped off big time, but after two years of using the cello, I personally feel that it sounds very nice (maybe nice enough to match the amount I bought it for...hopefully...) So basically, what I'd like to try to know/find out is if I'm playing on a cheap knock-off that actually doesn't sound horrible or if I'm playing on an instrument that is actually worth something (at least what I bought it for). I don't really know what to look for to help me in finding out more about my instrument and was hoping I could get some suggestions.