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  1. Wish I had more knowledge but wanted to say it looks like a lovely cello!
  2. Hi all, I play a really nice bow made by Bernard Walke in Ottawa and was just curious if anyone could identify if it is made in a particular style/homage? First time taking photos of a bow, apologies in advance. Cheers!
  3. jazzology

    Cello ID?

    Thanks guys, appreciate the replies! I think I remember him mentioning Markneukirchen too. Also, thanks Guido! Haha, its definitely got a lot of drop( -17 140mm stem), its a local pro's old Vuelta a España bike, very fun =)
  4. jazzology

    Cello ID?

    Hi all, long time lurker here but thought i'd finally post! I'm an adult cello student, have played jazz guitar for a while now. Anyways, I finally bought my own cello and love it. I bought it from a hobbyist violin dealer a year or so ago who brought it from Zurich 40 or so years ago for his son who didnt take to it. Love to be able to find out some more information if possible, it has an incredible, soaring tone. I've had some repairs done by a great local luthier. I'm guessing its probably German? Cheers, Nick