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  1. Most assuredly, but how much? - On the other hand: The violin does not have a sound post crack (nor any other cracks worth mentioning)! Because I am looking for an investment instrument, I wonder whether an instrument like this will keep its value or even go up in value. I fear that buyers in that price range will usually be looking for something neater (?)
  2. Yes, the A. Gagliano at Bromptons has potential (apparently it has not been played for ca 100 years), but, as you say, much of it has been eaten.
  3. Why 'Yikes'? The back replacement is not a 100% match, but for that the violin is extremely healthy all around (as far as I can tell). It was also a joy to play. Interesting that the Hill certificate makes no mention at all of half of the back being replaced ...!
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. That was my feeling too. I am just not sure how much to take off that million for half a new back (albeit nicely done). By comparison, Ingles and Hayday have an Andrea Guarneri with a (not great) replacement table. It's a good fiddle, but has a disappointing 50-70k estimate ...
  5. Hi, I am looking for some opinions or advice on a couple of instruments in the forthcoming sales in London: 1) Tarisio's has a JB Vuillaume Guarneri model which is described as in 'good condition', which is true except for the belly which someone must have sat on: I count four bass bar crack and three sound post cracks (secured with two patches) plus a lot of minor ones. The repairs are very well done, hardly visible to the naked eye and don't seem to affect the sound. Yet, is a starting price of £120000 justified? By comparison, Ingles and Hayday offer JBV Strad model for the same estimate, but its is mint condition. 2. Brompton's are offering a GB Guadagnini, a great instrument and in excellent condition. However, according to Ch. Beare, the bass side of the back has been replaced, possibly by the Hill firm and probably using part of an old Italian violin. Again all very well done, but to what degree does that depreciate the instrument? Thanks!