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  1. Nikolai Kittel, certainly was a great maker of string instruments and especially of exquisite bows. I am finishing my new research which will soon be published. it will reveal a lot of new information regarding his life, work and his circle of friends.
  2. I just came across this interesting discussion. As I am finishing my new research on Kittel.....Regarding KIttel, he was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia to Austrian parents. He maintained his Austrian citizenship throughout his life. Kittel brought his son Nikolai Jr. to study with Derazey (at Vuillaume shop) in Mirecourt, France 1858-1860. Now regarding the very interesting Russian label, of Master Luka Maryanenko Luka Maryanenko, according to Vitachek worked in Kerch and then Kiev where he built several dozen violins and violas.
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