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  1. On 10/20/2021 at 8:49 AM, Hempel said:

    Read what Buegeleisen wrote about carrying on the music instrument business during the war in 1915:

    Simson's European trip report after the war confirms Buegeleisen's prediction (The Music Trades, 8/25/1923, p.32, column 2)


    After much success, E. Sartory signed with Simson & Frey in 1910. By 1913,  Samuel Buegeleisen had compromised Sartory’s relationship with his US distributor Simson & Frey, and after 1913, Sartory relied upon exclusive sole agents in the US, such as Henry R. Knopf of New York and Knopf’s good friend E.J. Albert / Violins in Philadelphia and others.

  2. On 10/20/2021 at 8:57 AM, Hempel said:

    Let's just say during the war, when Germany and neutral ports were blockaded by the British, Germans had good reasons to avoid stamping their wares with ANY markings indicating their German origin.  :)  

    Even Knopf sold unmarked bows to Kittel, etc. so I can't really say Buegeleisen putting French or American trade names on their cornets constituted "misrepresentation."  That was just standard practice, as opposed to trademark infringement (which was misrepresentation).

    Bottom line, there is not sufficient evidence to determine who was more motivated to carry out mis-stamping during the war, the German manufacturers or importers like Buegeleisen.

    I just came across this very interesting thread. If anyone is interested in reading my publication, let me know or you can look for it online: "Sartory and the Case of Spurious Bows". 

    Incidentally, comparing Knopf making bows for Kittel (1860-1868) and Buegeleisen's fraudulent scheme is not a good comparison. Buegeleisen was a successful "sheister", who also created a fake bow maker Leon Pique and promoted him as if he was from a dynasty of makers.

    You can also read a short version of my publication in the STRAD February 2019 issue.

  3. On 6/4/2021 at 12:24 PM, GeorgeH said:

    Thanks for researching and writing this article. I thought it was very interesting.

    Do you know how Carl Heinrich Knopf (1839-1875) died at age 35?

    Unfortunately the cause of his death is not listed in his death certificate. Btw, my Part 2 of the Knopf Dynasty will be featured in the August issue.

  4. Hello friends,

    My publication is out: "Sartory and the case of spurious bows" it is the complete story of Sartory's court battle in the US, and includes a lot of new important statistical information regarding his working methods etc.

    I tried to download the photo here, but no luck.

    Here is a link to a post on FB 

     (3) Les Archetiers - Bow Makers : Dear all, my new publication "Sartory and the case of spurious bows" is out | Facebook


  5. Interesting thread. Btw, according to Sartory, his assistants did the rough work. He would finish all the bows himself. 

    If you are interested, you can read my article from February Strad issue 2019 about Sartory and his legal battles against trademark infringement in America.  Although Monsieur Sartory refrained from disclosing the names of his workmen/assistants in his deposition, we do know that prior to WWI, Sartory hired Jules Fetique in 1902, who stayed as his assistant until 1934. 

  6. It looks to me like a typical 2nd generation Knopf family bow. C.W. Knopf produced four sons who carried on his craft: Christian Wilhelm Jr. (1799-1835), Karl Wilhelm (1803-1860), Christian Friedrich Wilhelm I (1808-1874) and Christian Friedrich Wilhelm II (1815-1897). I'm posting two examples below by Knopf family members:  one of the sons of C.W. Knopf (C.W. Jr. or C.F.W. I) and Karl Moritz Knopf:







  7. Just came across this very interesting thread. This is no doubt a very nice example by Leman. The name of the instrument is "Izida", c.1908. Leman studied with Ernest Andre Salzard in Moscow (Arnold, Ludwig Otto and Arkhusen), later moved to Saint Petersburg. He was also a writer and editor and a professional billiards player. He wrote many books on violin making and violin acoustics. Admirers called him the "Messiah of the Violin".  He declared himself the "Russian Stradivari".  Initially that title was bestowed upon Ivan Batov in 1829 when he won the big silver medal at the 1829 Russian Exhibition (Manufacturing Expo). Leman stands out as one of the most important researchers in violin acoustics of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Leman traveled to Italy and other countries in Western Europe to study the works of great masters. 



  8. 2 minutes ago, PhilipKT said:

    Do you mean the German immigrant who worked in Ny until 1939?

    i know he made instruments, but he also surely imported them, and best to clarify which you have.

    Fine Bowmaker, too.

    Yes Henry R. Knopf.  Preferably c.1919 and after. He modeled them on the Alard and Messiah Strad. Of course we all love his bows too.


  9. 2 minutes ago, duane88 said:

    Hey Gennady,


    Not anymore. I sold it about 6 years ago. Very Germanic work, and branded on the side of the heel, under the end button, on the bass bar, on the neck block...

    Hi Duane, any pics leftover?


  10. 1 hour ago, Bruce Carlson said:

    No, but I knew Frank 1975 - 1977, at one time he used to work for Weisshaar as well and helped me make my first bow which I ended up making too whippy. It would have been far worse without his help. Great guy and very open if you liked bows and bowmaking. Hans had a nice bow collection and he would come in to study them.

    That is amazing to know. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. On 11/3/2020 at 8:57 AM, BassClef said:

    Has your data been published?

    My current articles in STRAD:

    Carlo Bisiach and his US connections  November 2020 STRAD issue.

    Napoleonic Bows June 2020 STRAD issue

    Sartory and his legal battles against trademark infringement/ Phony Wars   February 2019 STRAD issue.

    new research/bio on Venitian luthier Giulio Degani
    new research/bio on Venitian luthier Jago Peternella
    new research/bio on Roger Nestor Chittolini

    This subject is in progress, and will be part of a bigger story.

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