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  1. I was told this is the place to go for some advice and not one comment in two days...lol
  2. Hi all, looking for a little info or opinions on this bow. I got it in a bundle and dont know to much about it. It looked promising so I cleaned up the silver and cleaned the bow. Its 59g with no hair... no cracks or warps to the bow. The tip seems to be real bone and Mechanism works perfect. Only markings on it is stamped "Tourte". What's my best option to find out what it's worth?
  3. I just recently put up an ebay listing for this violin after I did pretty major repairs and set it up. So far after 12 hours I have almost 100 views, 8 watchers and 1 bid for $400. There is still 6 days left on the auction. Should I take it down and get it appraised? Seems there is a lot of interest in it very quickly. Any thoughts?
  4. I'm not sure how to respond to this...You say your not competent but you said it isn't a Siega. How would you know then?
  5. I agree with you. They are slightly stiff and they are also slightly narrow as well. The Violin definitely could use a little more flow to it. I have that noted for my next one
  6. Unfortunately it doesn't show fluting and I wish it had. I thought about it after the fact.
  7. So I came across this Violin and it is definitely old and has some pretty serious top cracks. The label is of Ettore Siega & Figli / Premiati Liutai Venezia / Anno 1914 or 1924 (I cannot tell if it is a 2 or 1). It has no other marking inside or outside that it could be from this maker. I have some pictures but this is all I have until I return home. I guess my question is...Even if it is of this maker with these top cracks would it be worth repairing and getting it appraised? Let me know what you think. Thank you.
  8. Philip, No emergency room visits but definitely a trip to the band aid box multiple times..haha Oh trust me I've looked it over enough to make my head spin and taken plenty of notes. The next will be far better.
  9. dand, I will have to find a player to do some short recordings of the sound and then I will surely post them here.
  10. Jackson, Thank you for giving this great feedback. I completely agree with you. When I brought it to an expert that's one of the first things he said. I can barely play the instrument myself. I go as far as twinkle twinkle. When the expert played it sounded great and then he knocked around the post a little bit and it got louder. I'm extremely happy with the sound and so was he. Upon completion I have been writing down all the little details and mistakes that I did make and will not be making those mistakes on my next one. Thanks
  11. So here it is...I've always helped my father with his instrument repairs throughout my whole life on and off. Only for the past 10 years have I consistently done violin, viola and cello repairs as a second job. Last year I decided to make a violin and use the same prints, template and guide my father used back in the 1970s to make his only violin. "You can make a Stradivarius" by Joseph Reed. I struggled with many things throughout the process but it all came together in the end. I would love to hear any comments or feedback. Good or Bad ill take it. I'm just happy its finished and I will move onto the next when I find the wood and time to start it.
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