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  1. The only other bows I had to compare the camber to was a student Arpreggio carbon bow and an old unknown bow. It was a bit straighter on the middle of the bow by about 1-2mm but matched exactly the shape of the Arpreggio bow otherwise, even the head and position.The old unknown bow was even straighter than this bow! So to me it seemed an ok bow and an upgrade from the carbon fibre bow. It weighed 57g without hair and was 74cm long. I paid £150 for it but I’ve put that down to a tax on stupidity. I’ll try to buy a Dorfler or something when I can afford it again. It’s now gone so that’s the end of that.
  2. I know it wasn’t what it was sold as and it was very cheap but I get the point. It’ll go in the bin…….
  3. Hi this ‘fine antique French bow’ I bought recently is unmarked. Now I did not buy it as anything fine but it’s better than what I had and due to the pandemic non-work situation it was affordable. can anyone tell me what it actually is? Maybe German factory bow? thanks in advance, Matt.
  4. Sorry there’s no “arch” please excuse a “newbie” <sigh>
  5. If this helps here’s a picture of the inside showing the arch.
  6. There’s evidence of peghole wear as a new piece has been fitted to one of the pegholes.
  7. That’s good to hear it wasn’t as bad as it seems. I would like to get it lightly restored as the varnish is bad and the front has taken quite a beating it seems. I spent 300 euros on this now you know my next question.......is it worth spending the money to do this? Many thanks for your help
  8. Hello my name is Matt I’m a beginner who just purchased this violin....to me it seems very old but it’s not had the most welcome of comments shall we say! It’s not exactly in good condition but does sound wonderful. It looks like the neck has been replaced and inside has no bass bar. I like it very much but I seem to be alone in that! Any help would be wonderful. Thanks, Matt
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