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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone tried them? Would you like to share some testimonials or videos? Also, I'm a little curious as to what the reason for these violins seemingly being much lower than the actual price could be. Lot 67: A CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN VIOLIN BY FRANCO FORCELLINI, MANTUA, EARLY 21st CENTURY Lot 68: A CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN VIOLIN BY LUIGI ERCOLI, PISTOIA, 1998 Lot 69: A CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN VIOLIN BY PIERGIUSEPPE ESPOSTI, CREMONA, 2002 Lot 70: A CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN VIOLIN BY SEBASTIAN RIBES, CREMONA, 2017
  2. Hi, Does anyone want to sell this set of books? Please PM me the picture of the books and provide me with a quotation for shipping costs including delivery to Taiwan.
  3. Wow... Body length : 359 mm Too big to play!
  4. I think the violin back is one of the reasons.
  5. The violin in an auction, we only care about the current condition of the instrument, not about its past. Just choose you like!
  6. The carved-head scroll makes me have nightmares. : (
  7. shaq

    New violin

    If the soundpost is falling down, you need to release all the strings.
  8. lot 102, 108, 109 and 122 please. Would you like to record a video or audio for each violin?
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