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  1. Good to see all comments, but as I was the originator of the post I did believe that the shop had a crap Fagnola (which could have been easily altered to sound like a drain) to encourage those trying violins in the £20/30 K range into thinking they had a bargain.
  2. Charles Beare is quoted as saying that tone, and that sound was 80% the player, 10% the instrument and 10% the setup. Whilst that may include an element of exaggeration it is probably near the truth.
  3. I was trying violins at a leading dealer and eventually took away a G B Morassi on approval, but before I left the room a guy came in with a Fagnola costing 4 times as much and said "just try this for comparison" The Morassi sounded a lot better! A week later I returned the Morassi and waited behind a guy who was taking out a violin on approval. He remarked " It sounds a lot better than the Fagnola" I recounted this to another dealer who remarked that it was an old dealer trick. The violin shop in question is no longer trading, but has anyone else come across dodgy practices?