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  1. Hello everyone! I have recently forgone the tired old genre of true crime detecting for one far more thrilling. I have an old run of the mill violin that has played model for my investigations. I am struggling to determine whether it is German or French (and most certainly don't want spoilers, that ruins the fun). I am stuck on the varnish. I have read the older softer varnishes ceased around 1750 and had assumed that the varnish on this violin was that old, it is not hard and shiny, the current owner's chin has managed to sheer the varnish off to accumilate in a pile of sludge (top left picture). The places where the varnish has come off look gummy. It has a variety of craqueIure, I have attached a photo. My question is, who used varnishes that had these qualities after 1750? Am I just misunderstanding the behaviour of spirit varnishes? Thank you so much for your time! Reading the discussions on here has been so enjoyable, thank you for imparting your knowledge!
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