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  1. Sorry for not responding sooner, have been busy. Thanks all for the responses. The bow is an old german trade bow I believe. As an update, the owner had no use for it and sold it to our shop! This violin ended up sounding great, much brighter than expected. Also, my opinion that the inlay seem to be original with the violin.
  2. Hi, this violin came in for restoration and was just wondering if this violin is a violin made by Ernst Heinrich Roth himself. The violin came with an appraisal from a smaller outfit saying it’s authentic and made by him, and is not one of his workshop instruments. Anyone care to chime in on how to identify an actual Roth violin?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, I did google and I have seen this inscribed on violins before, as it’s pretty common within the violin world, but I haven’t seen a violin with this level of artistry before, and didn’t see anything online that was close to identical. I was wondering if anyone had seen this particular model before and could place the region/date.
  4. Hello all, I was hoping you could help in identifying this old violin. Am wondering about possible country of origin and era. It has a repair label of 1939 and a Gaurneri label. The inlay is pretty nice on it.
  5. The brick stays! I’m not so against this look. I don’t generally like to reverse past repairs, and choose instead to appreciate and keep the character and history of the instrument.
  6. Ok thank you for the input. Another reference suggested that the workmanship on this violin was too low quality to be him, and stated many makers in the region had the same look at the time. I did compare with many photos of Sebastian Kloz’s works, and the scroll was almost identical from the front and side to a couple violins, so I had my doubts both ways. The label is confounding as well. Here are some more pics in better light before the start of repairs. If it’s not him, is it safe to say 18th century Mittenwald? IMG_2725.MOV
  7. Hello all, just wanted a second opinion. This violin was sold under the title of being probably by Sebastian Kloz. I wanted to get Maestronet’s help. Do you think it’s by him? What year do you see? We presume it’s 1727, which would align with his history of using manuscript labels before 1730, according to Tarisio and other dictionaries. It’s been heavily damaged/repaired over the years, but still in decent condition.
  8. Hi all, just wanted some help identifying this violin. Would like to know country of origin and time period if possible. This is by far the best “conservatory” violin I have seen.
  9. This is a little late, but I second the notion that this past auction was very unusual. I am a regular participant in these auctions and this one stood out to me to be the most bizarre. Many more last minute surges, many unexpected high bids for certain items, etc. And I was expecting people not to have much money to spend, or to be hesitant considering the times. I was wrong!
  10. Thank you for the very thorough response!
  11. Wow thanks a lot for the very thorough response!
  12. Hi all, just wondering if you have any insight on how these defects (is it spalting/fungus?) will affect the tone and structural integrity of the instrument in the long-run. Also, there are very prominent grain lines in this spruce table, which are made more apparent when light is shone behind it. Is this caused by a certain type of climatic period? How common are these characteristics, include spalting, in spruce? Any info would be appreciated!
  13. Hi all, can anyone help tell me the approximate year and region this violin was made in? Was it modeled after Amati? I have not seen a violin like it before in person, and it certainly is old. I’d guess 1800s, but I’ll await the opinion of others. We opened it up and the inside showed its age as well. It bears no label. It was a family instrument in serious need of repair. The wood around the purfling/button is very weak, and will need to be repaired still
  14. Thank you all for your wonderful help, and what a treat to have found such a valuable resource.
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