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  1. I believe Its not worth it after further research. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for this, very helpful to what I'm looking for.
  3. Thanks for this, very helpful to what I'm looking for.
  4. Hello to all Maestros! Thanks to all for the vast info in this forum; been reading posts over the last couple of years as a visitor and guided me all the time in the right path not only on string instruments but other related topics. You guys rock! My purpose of registering now is not just for guidance/opinion but also to express how thankful I am for all the members and admin in this forum! A bow of respect and thanks for your time and opinions! I want to share my recent experience about violins and I appreciate any guidance/opinion. I picked up a pair of old violins about a month ago, hoping that that I could just fix up so that my kid could use in his class; however I realized it's not really simple with the experience I had with violins at the time, to make it short it didn't work out so I'm stuck with 2 old violins and thinking about restoring them and to have fun at least. I successfully fix/restore different items in the past: from cosplay items, jewelries, golf clubs, car parts, helmets, furniture, counter top and recently a couple of collectible guitars as a hobby - done mostly as favor to friends with little or no compensation at all - i took the job mostly as a challenge. Before I dwell off topic I just want to clear that I know my way around repair/restoration process, I got the tools, the skills and the experience, but this not about the actual work on the violin if I decided to do it, I am going to work on the research myself, suggestions on how to approach is welcomed though. One of the violin is obviously an unfinished project, with some old varnish missed being stripped and its clear its been unfinished for a while as well; as exposed wood have clear tarnished by age. Some left over unstripped varnish appears to have patina on the them (darken) too, probably left not stripped intentionally. A few parts came with it like end pin and a couple of pegs are deteriorating and cannot be used anymore - although sanding/sawing through them it appears like they were carved from unknown ebony wood. In the back of violin it says " Vuillaume A Paris" and I cannot make out of anything in the label inside which appears to be a brown paper, nothing visible. I am not suggesting its genuine or a copy - that's the job of the experts here, I am hoping that someone would tell me if its worth restoring it not to sell just for keeping myself (I understand it's a lot of work and research). The other violin is an old german made strad copy which was easy to get the info from this forum, thanks again. I attached a couple of snapshots. Thanks for your time reading and in advance for any guidance.
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