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  1. I called a violin shop that carries Allison’s violins. They were very helpful. He said that Allison sets the price, and it’s currently at $11, 000, up from $7-8000 a few years ago. They had two of his Strads in stock.
  2. Great advice on all fronts. That violin sold, and thats great. Its one less thing on my mind. And, yes, its true, I have not played many high end violins. And yes I would like to get one from an individual maker, not a shop.
  3. Chip19, yes it was one I saw this year in Nashville and played it. My question really goes to the heart of what sells a violin, the story or the instrument. I see violins at this store by John Dailey of Carriage House Violins and its for sale for much less than the Geoffrey Allison, by 1/3 the amount. John is a well schooled violin maker. I"m just trying to ascertain how much "instrument" I'm buying and how much "story" I'm buying with the Allison violin. A friend just bought a violin from Paul Bradley in Ireland, again a professionally schooled builder, and the price was in same price range as John Dailey's violin. What are your thoughts on your violin and sound? Any comments would be appreciated.
  4. No worries... I appreciate all input. Your advice was well advised. Thank you for the input.
  5. I am really trying to find out if anyone has any personal experience with this makes violins, either as a player or perhaps someone who works in a violin shop.
  6. Right now I only have one violin, made by Elon Howe who lives not far away. My many instruments would not be violins, but rather others I am in the process of selling. Actually I really only shop for violins in Nashville because that is where I typically go, and the said violin is at a shop there. I’ll try it out when I go in October providing it’s still there.
  7. Well, my concern is the with violin building being such a cottage industry, there may be a wide range of perceived value to a builders violins. One person who is familiar with the builder might value a violin highly, while another person who is not familiar with that builder might not value it as much. I have only been playing violin for two and half years, so I am a real new player. I sincerely appreciate any input from anyone. My goal would be to not repeat what I have done with other instruments, which is to buy a beginner instrument, and then upgrade to a slightly better one, and then a slightly better one, etc. I have collected quite a few instruments now I have to sell. This method seemed to have worked with a guitar. I purchased a nice Martin D-18 and have no aspirations to upgrade, and I figured I saved myself countless evolutions of guitar upgrades. I would like to do the same thing with violins. I know this is a lifetime pursuit, and I would like to purchase an instrument that will last lifetime. I played a violin made by him and was struck instantly but putting down that amount on a violin I really dont know a lot about just makes me nervous as it pertains to retaining value.
  8. I have found a handful of articles in various magazines, some are just duplicates. I was looking to see if anyone had any more information other than what I found. Actually looking to see if anyone had played them or had any more personal contact with the builder. I found one thread where a member spoke as if he had some type of deeper knowledge of his violins
  9. I’ve been playing about two and a half years and have a violin made by a local maker here. I was in Nashville and had the chance to play a violin by Geoffrey Allison. I loved it immediately. The price tag was $12k. I can’t find a whole lot on him except he was an army medic who made violins while in Iraq. I don’t mind spending good money on a nice violin I’ll keep for life, but the high price is making me a little shy wondering if it will retain value. Violin making is a cottage industry and some builders are more renowned than others, and I just wonder about going with and older European violin with a more prominent name or the one I played by Allison. Does anyone have any knowledge and experience with this maker? Peter
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