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  1. Thanks that all makes sense now that you say it.
  2. A careful stirring. The bubbling appears and if I knock it down with a brush or stir them back out they seem to reappear. It's as if there's something chemically going on.
  3. I started with cold pressed Linseed oil. I washed it in a 1 liter bottle about 1/4 full of water and 1/2 of oil. Let this sit in the window for about a week. Then cooked with raw umber pigment added with a light smoke for a couple hours. Pretty much following the article in the Strad not too long ago. I had originally said copal and it was colophany cooked up with the B L O
  4. I am having some bubbles come up in my home cooked copal 50/50 BLO varnish. It seems fine until I mix in turpine or mineral spirits upon which it starts bubbling. I mulled some with a lake the other day and after cure it looked as if it was sandpaper. Any ideas on what might cause this?