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  1. I didn’t buy this but I’m sure the seller would argue a lot with the buyer about returns
  2. It’s a combination of my birthday year and day
  3. Just comes to show you cant trust eBay on matters such as these. I just hope it turns out to be at least a German made copy and not some VSO for whoever ended up buying it!
  4. Would you say this is a German copy to say the least?
  5. Edit: It seems this violin was sold at the time of writing for $1,200 So I happened over this. The seller claims it comes from an estate. What’s most baffling is the varnish! I’ve never seen such stains/marks like that on any violin. Thoughts? Label: Joseph Antonius Rocca fecit Taurini anno Domini 1837 Neck graft: I can hardly tell the pictures are not that good varnish: brown to golden with strange marks that look like...mold? Mineral deposits anyone? Could this be a real Rocca? Joseph Rocca 1837