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  1. Posts like this are pretty regressive, in a time when we need progress. Calling people names on an internet forum typically makes people balk and double down. That's not what we want on this issue. Rue is right. Hard discussions need to be had, in a civil manner. There is always common ground to be found, and if you can find it, discussions like this can shed some actual light on the issue, and people can grow because of it. All this name calling only makes people more certain they are right, and the name caller wrong.
  2. You would need a reason. Middle fingers often drape over the audience side, so can erode the stamp/wood right there. Players side doesn't really get handled. Maybe modern makers, because of zoom camera lenses, want their stamps captured for the pictures? Lol just a wild guess.
  3. The placement though, is probably what caused that. My chinrest is the SAS thing that many of us with taller necks need, and simply moving that around has massive changes in the sound. I was taking an audition, the violin was sounding great, and the chinrest fell off... Hadn't been tightened down enough (or maybe I was tense and gripping everything too tightly). I put it back on, probably 8mm away from where it was, to try. It felt much better, the violin sounded dead. I finished the audition like that, and days later moved it back. The violin sounded really good again. If I had to bet, I'd say the glue right under the chinrest was failing, and the chinrest was/is holding it together. Alas, I only get to visit a shop every year or 2, so it will be that much time before I can get open seams glued. All that to say, it's impossible to say if your new chinrest made a difference because of the material, or where it clamped down on the violin.
  4. Interesting discussion. I think the strong opinions are a byproduct of the growing pains modern society is experiencing with regard to treating women equally. The Western world is only just arriving at a point where at all levels of society, we expect for women to be treated and valued as well as men. It is a massive swing of the pendulum. Even in ancient Greece, this level of equality was never seen, certainly never so widespread. And with any major swing of the pendulum, it will not stop right in the middle, it will, for many people, swing far the other way. I can appreciate not believing every accusation against a man, and certainly the word of 1 person is just not enough to convict. However, context matters, and I think that if this guy has a history of this, then the story of the girl, long ago, becomes quite believable. Is it true? How could any of us say? But probably, given the context, it is not worth going to bat for the old man, who was certainly guilty of other instances of sexual assault. It could very well be that she is lying. I do find it strange that she would not tell the police, her parents, her friends, but she will tell the head honcho of the school? Did she know him well? Why was he more approachable than the rest of the adults in her life, at the age of 14? Just strange. Anyways, I won't say I believe her, because I believe in truth, which I can't for myself find out, but I don't have any cause to really doubt her story. I think regardless of whether she is telling the truth or not, it's important to stand up for women being abused, and one can do that without pretending to know the truth of any given situation. Very important for men in 2019 to say that sexual assault is not ok.
  5. I think that for someone who is looking around, but doesn't know a ton, this site is a pretty valuable resource. It must seem like a good place to ask this question, as there seems to be a lot of collective knowledge. It does seem strange, on the surface, that such a collection of knowledge can't answer the OP to satisfaction, but it is because the violin world is still largely specific knowledge from the old world. Values seem almost entirely arbitrary, as they are based upon some combination of what dealers think of value, which is entirely different from what players value, and then collectors, which are investing in instruments that seem valued by both players and dealers, but also scarcity, which has to do with time, maker's output, and correct attribution...... None of that is documented in some database, it just exists in people's minds, which is the thing to explain to someone who wants advice on buying an instrument above 5k. That's why you just have to visit shops, because none of them are cataloging their shop with the reasons behind the pricing, and certainly not online.
  6. I am not exactly holding my breath, just watching the thread with interest.
  7. Google will just change the ads if you say you don't want the ad. They have an almost religious belief that you want something they are advertising, I think, and you don't have more clicks than they have ads to sell.
  8. I am surprised that this got so many serious responses, but will continue reading in case anyone posts of the strad beater in every "category."
  9. What is wrong with the south? And what spots on the big blue/green earth are unnatural enough that you're ok with churches there? Why is it that you get to make rules? It's ok for you to have your own opinion, just like Martin and his junk culture opinion of technology, but you're just going to be a whole lot of offended if you don't like churches built in "natural" places, or don't like the south, because there is lots of both.
  10. Are those 2 things really comparable though? People have been ruining moments with pictures for a long time. Surely someone once saw Monet painting a tree, and wondered why he was so busy trying to recreate the thing of beauty right there in front of him. That is why people record things, because they want to relive some small part of the experience later. I'm not advocating for recording at concerts, or blasting your phone on top of a mountain, but people's desire to relive things has been around much longer than the smartphone, and isn't going away. Nothing wrong with it, and nothing wrong with being realistic either. If people are going to keep buying smartphones, they're going to keep recording moments they should not. Is stopping the concert to boo and kick them out going to be standard practice?
  11. I think that if the concert hall is going to be a sacred space, they will have to start confiscating electronics before the concert. I would agree with your version of being in the moment, but can't we let others have their own version? Certainly it is a generational thing, and I would never think to reach for my phone during a concert (unless I'm very bored). This will only keep happening, and stopping the performance will only take everyone out of the moment, correct? What if the soloist walks off the stage and doesn't return, because they feel so violated? I don't blame her in this case, and restarting still gave everyone what they were there for. But is this really going to turn into standard practice? It's only going to happen more and more often, unless phones are taken away.
  12. Just for my benefit, as I am curious... What do players tend to prefer in nut adjustments? Are you mostly talking about string heights? I agree that we cannot separate the parts of our brain that process sounds and touch, and actually be objective, but I think there is something to a single bad groove negatively affecting all the strings' ability to ring.
  13. Dictionary arguments are never fun, but for some, the word "baulk" has certain connotations that go beyond what the definition of the word is. Most people wouldn't say they baulked at a bike ride because of the rain, they would think better, or put it off, etc. Either way, we're all in agreement that there was no ulterior take over the world Dr. Evil motive with this particular attribution.
  14. Very interesting argument... I don't think it's at all true, but I'm not a maker or tradesperson... Once you finger a note, the violin is still ringing, and the other strings are still attached, right? G strings on the violin very much benefit from a not-dead E string. I change my E twice as often as the other strings, and always there is immediate benefit for all strings. That's a different topic, but they're all trying to vibrate, even if it's just a little bit, every time you play a note, so something messed up with the nut on one string is simply going to affect more than that open string.
  15. Boveda in the cigar world changed the entire industry, for humidity control. Their product is rock solid, and pretty incredible. I've used a single pack that kept a humidor at the rated humidity for roughly a year. I have to imagine, with how many in the cigar world have used this brand, that it's not leaking chemicals. You can recharge, just soak in water. They don't tell you that, because they want to sell you another, but just soak it in a glass of water for 2 days, then let it dry, then back in. It's definitely the least hassle humidity control, though if you only have to check every 6 months, that can be its own issue, as you might forget to check... That is why I don't use one for my case, I just use dampits. I can remember that I either wet the dampit yesterday or not, but I don't trust myself to remember about 6 months ago. I should probably use Boveda as a secondary humidity control, as it is a true 2 way system, as in if I put in a dampit that flooded the case to 80% humidity, the boveda would absorb the humidity in excess of its rating. edit: btw the way you check, is it becomes pretty stiff when dry. If it feels like a small water bed, it's still ok.