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  1. If it is a German violin, a Markneukirchen, where would the label come in ? Was it attempt to fool or were there cases where they made copies ? Is anyone in a position to confirm whether this violin might be interesting from a collector's perspective, I mean to confirm that it is indeed older and not a cheap Chinese knock off.
  2. I presume the buyer is going after the sticker inside. He also said that it was handmade around 1890. I don't know if this info is also from the sticker or if he has anymore info. It is not a dealer, private individual in Europe.
  3. Hi, there I have been looking at a violin and the seller believes that it's an original Vuillaume. I don't of course, but there is some stamp/sticker on the inside that says "VUILLAUME a Paris Rue Croix des Petits Camps 46." any suggestions on the possible origin of this violin ? Pictures included.