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  1. I sent it back already due to fear of the pegbox giving me problems in the future, i appreciate the feedback!
  2. new to me.unfortunatelly it will have to go back because the repair on the pegbox makes me anxious, same as the one on the front and theres no luthier around me. the seller offered me a free repair if it breaks, but by looking at the details on the craftmanship i dont trust their repairs. the varnish is not perfect at the bottom either the head is also unpolished so i better let it go, finding decent cellos here is SO HARD. more pics of the defects i found. thank you for being the only one who replied.
  3. So I havent played cello for over 10 years and decided to play again because i really miss it, so i bought this 400$ cello, im not in america so i did the conversion. i got the cello and it looked fine, the sound was okay, not the best ever but i think good enough, needs some decent strings. everything was okay until i realized there was this uneven part on the varnish that feels 'elevated' when i touch it with my finger, under the right light I can see a very thin line paralel to the grain. I see what looks like a bit of trauma close to the line. the pegbox also had an evident repair. the cel