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  1. I do intend on taking the violin somewhere for an appraisal as Martin suggested. Can you make any recommendations in the Oxford area?
  2. Do you guys think that based on the information we have it’s worth perusing a professional repair. Will the value of the item once repaired justify the price of the repair?
  3. Depends what you measure, the entire length including the small piece that the neck mounts is 37cm without that the measurement is 35.5cm
  4. Thanks for all the comments so far. I’ve investigated a little more into the end blocks and from what I can see there are no signs that there may have been another block fitted previously. The stain has left an outline around the block and stains the block itself
  5. Total length of the back is 37cm
  6. Yes I think I shall. The label is a Strad label. Is it possible it may be covering the original makers label?
  7. Yes I have gone off the idea of attempting a repair myself, however a professional repair is an expensive prospect at this stage too. I had also presumed the instrument was English given it links to the north of England from both the repairer and also were I the instrument ended up. Does is look to be typically English or could it have been made elsewhere?
  8. Hi, I knew very little about these instruments until I found this violin in my dads garage he considered it to be junk and rather than throw it I offered to take it in the hope of glueing it back together, having discovered how old it could be I instead decided to find out a little more before attempting an amateur repair. I have found it very interesting reading up on the subject in the hope of aging or even identifying who the maker may have been without success. There a lots of scribbles on the inside of the instrument some left by previous repairers including one that was carried out by a John Wilkinson of Barnsley in 1893.
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