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  1. Hi Barpqie, your recipe of the vanish has to be added some Ca(HO)2 as emulsifying agent. That's it.
  2. To joshuabeyer: Thanks very much for your kindly reply. My 3d models are not equivalent to the original measurement which I was looking for. Seeking that is out of aesthetic reasons. The arch height of my plate could be 16.5 17.5 or etc which is intentionally altered according to the size of the template.I will readjust the curves as I need. In my opinion, the most important is to keep the sound balanced. For that reason, I needn't seek the accurate graduation of the belly of the Vieuxtemps. The central areas of old Italian violin are too thin in general. Some of my plate works attached.
  3. Thank you for the reply. The two f holes are asymmetric. I use Rhino to 3d the models which I am interested in. The photos attached are rendered by Key shot, just for looking nice. I am gonna to make a inspired copy , then I won't need a precise version anyway.
  4. It is just two modes, but the belly and the back act in the same way. So it is hard to say split. Sometimes, the fingerboard mode at that point coupled with other modes of the box, then we won't see the 2nd b1+.
  5. I am making a template of the famous Vieuxtemps violin. But I didn't get the details of the construction plan. Is there anyone who could handsomely give me some hint? The 2 f- holes apparently are not at the same size and position. Something wrong with my template?
  6. According to my research, there are 2 kinds of B1+, one is caused by the box of the violin ,and the other B1+ is caused by the fingerboard. In many cases, the delta of the 2 frequency is within 20 Hz, then it will show 2 B1+ peaks. The 2nd B1+ will appear only after the fingerboard is fixed. You won't find it even the scroll is set up. So what Schelsky said is absolutely right!
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