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  1. Thank you for all your responses. I will probably take this to a restorer but some good friends have mentioned I should leave it untouched. It seems the opinions are equally divided.There are no cracks or breaks. I will update you on what the restorer says.
  2. That Viola is genuine. I have a Jan Pawlikowski Violin which is very similar in every way. However, it has no resale value as mine has been up on reverb for more than a year
  3. Hi, My 1924 Markneukirchen German Cello has multiple areas where the varnish has been peeled off and wood is exposed. Do I need to revarnish the instrument ? I read that you should never revarnish an antique cello but went to a dealer and he said its cosmetically damaged and asked me to upgrade. The cello plays well and has no cracks or dents. Pictures attached Please advise as I plan to upgrade in a few years and do not want a cello that may have no buyers