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  1. Photo attached. I suspect that the damage to the belly here was done by a poorly fitting or leaning bridge. I want to smooth this area out to get good bridge contact, but sanding it down to flat and revarnishing seems extreme. Is there an accepted way to fill this in?
  2. This is a perfect write up for what I need to do, thanks!
  3. So I picked up a yard sale violin for around $20 as a project. It's my first violin repair / restore. Most of the stuff seems within my skill to do, except this issue down by the endblock included in the pictures. It seems that the ribs have warped and are bulging out. From what I've read, bulging ribs are corrected by detaching the rib from the endblock, trimming it down, and putting it back in to place. Thing is, this also has a bow to it. It seems that just cutting it at the end block and putting it back in place is insufficient, as is pushing it back into place and clamping it onto some glue. It seems I need to open it up, moisten the rib, and clamp it into some sort of form to flatten it out. I've been working out how I could apply heat to it without damaging the rest of the violin if it came to that, too. Any suggestions?
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