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  1. Also, for what it’s worth, the front of the violin has a different finish on it - probably not original, but it’s more matte/flat than the decent polish on the back and sides.
  2. Sorry for the delay - haven’t been contacted off site, just need all my content approved by a moderator... lol No bow with it, unfortunately. I could do some closer pics if people are interested - where do we want closeups? Also, I’m located in So. Cal., close to Santa Barbara. Any suggestions for appraisers in my neck of the woods?
  3. Oh! Remembered another question I had - are those pegs original? I’ve seen modern reproductions that look like that, but have never seen screws on older instruments... just curious! Thanks again for all the help!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I guess I should have been more clear with my questions - I was mainly curious about the age/shape/quality of the instrument. The issue with the bridge is that I feel like it’s too tall; the “luthier” who worked on it before basically carved a nice-ish shape into the top of a blank, but left every other part of it stock. From my feeling (and the caliper reading) it seems a bit high on all strings, starting off decent closer to the nut and then getting moderately high toward the bridge. Thanks for all the comments/answers so far! Can’t wait to hear more about it!
  5. Hi! Glad to join up after lurking for a while... A friend of mine just gave me this violin, and while I’m kind of familiar with older instruments, you could definitely color me confused! It has a Guarneri label (which I’m slightly skeptical of...), and an interesting inlaid tailpiece that I can’t figure out. Anyway, I took pics of all the pertinent (or hopefully pertinent) parts, but if there’s anything missing, let me know and I can photo it. Here’s what I know - those pegs definitely aren’t original, and I’m suspecting the tailpiece and chinrest aren’t either, but other than that, I’m lost. Any help would be definitely appreciated! Also, I’m going to try to carve a replacement bridge (I’ve worked on guitar bracing before, and know the general basics of violin bridges) but if I need to instead take this in to a luthier, I could definitely do that too. For what it’s worth, it came in a alligator or faux-alligator case with some strings copyright 1832.... Thanks in advance! Will be attaching the link in the next post - let me know if anyone can’t see the pics! (also, I’m not that much of a dunce to leave violins on the floor lol - just put it on there for a second for a contrasting color!!)