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  1. Hello all! Thanks for all the input! Unfortunately I lost this auction so I won't be able to post anymore photos. I am still curious about it though. To me the varnish seems like a unique attribute which might point to its origins and am curious what your impressions of the varnish are.
  2. Hello all! This violin popped up at an auction house, and I was curious what your opinions of it were. I am a complete novice in the violin trade, but to me, the wood quality, craftsmanship and varnish all appear to be of decent quality, I could be completely wrong about this though. Anyways, I would like your help in identifying it's country of origin (to me it looks like a toss-up between France and Germany) as well as it's general quality (is it student grade, factory-made, or hand-crafted). I am also curious what an intelligent price limit would be when bidding on this instrument (I am really hoping for advice on this, even if you think my limit should be $50) I apologize in advance if any of these questions seem ignorant. I am still learning a lot about violins and hope to learn even more from you all! Thanks for your time! Here are the photos which the auction house provides of the instrument:
  3. .I probably should have mentioned this earlier... There is a receipt letter ca 1900 that came with this violin explaining that it was gifted from someone whose grandfather had purchased the violin 60-70 years earlier in England and had been told it was an Italian instrument... assuming that this letter is legit (which I suspect it is), that would date this violin to at least 1840. I hope that this info can help narrow down the origins of this instrument. Thanks! Thanks!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me id the origins of this violin. It has a very distinct scroll, and the varnish/general appearance really reminds me of old that seen on many 18th century italian violins. Of course it would be hard to narrow it down to a maker, but it would be very helpful to know the region and age of the instrument. Thanks!
  5. I recently purchased this violin assuming it to be a cheap low-end factory made violin. However, upon closer inspection, the violin appears to be very high quality. It is very sturdily constructed (choice woods, fine carving, purfling, etc.) and has a level of chatoyancy which verges on psychedelic haha. The varnish reminds me of that which you can find on 200+ year old instruments (of course this violin is not as old, but it speaks to the level of effort put into the instrument). I don't expect the instrument to be by a famous maker or have a value of $15000+, I'd just be thankful if someone could point me in the direction of this violin's region of manufacture and age. Thanks!